The RTA Store Designer Spotlight - Vicky Wilcox

The RTA Store Designer Spotlight: An Inside Look at RTA Designer Vicky Wilcox

We’re excited to introduce you to Vicky Wilcox in our first designer spotlight feature and give you an inside look at her work with The RTA Store. Vicky has been involved in a variety of wonderful design projects while working with us, helping customers create kitchens they absolutely love and that are the perfect fit for their space and lifestyle.

Her design experience covers a wide array of projects, from overseeing projects for customers who have given her complete control of their kitchen design, to providing professional insight to solve a challenging area (such as a small space or weird layout) for customers who already had a majority of their design set, to helping customers implement an idea (like a pantry setup or creating additional storage) and more.

Favorite Part About Working at The RTA Store

Vicky shared that her favorite part about working at The RTA Store is helping the customers – especially when they have challenging designs like odd ceiling heights or lots of angled walls. She says, “It’s always awesome when a customer comes back to you (after having sent over 3D images) saying how they never really thought about a particular layout or how the visuals really help with them with envisioning the space.”

Designer Take on a Popular Industry Trend
You’ve likely noticed that Shaker-style cabinets have been a popular industry trend for a while. Vicky observes that “last year, white shakers were very popular and this year it seems like the grey shakers are getting a lot more attention. Personally, I like the more traditional, raised panel style cabinets, but I do like the versatility of the shakers and how they can be used for a contemporary/modern design or can also be used for a more cozy, farmhouse feel.”

Vicky’s Favorite Client Projects











Vicky believes one of her biggest asset when it comes to design and helping customers is her extensive experience in making a difficult space both functional and beautiful. After looking at the projects above, we think you’ll agree!