5 Alternatives To Hardwood Flooring In The Kitchen

Some kitchen trends last for just a moment, while others seem to stay in style forever. Hardwood flooring is one of those forever trends.

Wood has remained a popular choice for kitchen floors, because it has a natural beauty that can also be finished to withstand heavy traffic. For many homeowners, wood is the best of both worlds. Finished wood is water resistant and offers a soft give, which makes it comfortable to stand on.

But while wood is beautiful and makes for a great kitchen floor, it can also be pricey. Luckily, there are many budget alternatives that look just as great and also deliver on durability.

If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring alterative for your kitchen remodel, here are five interesting ideas:

  1. Vinyl

Many kitchen trends favor homeowners on a budget, and those up for a DIY project! One that we love is vinyl. You’ll be shocked at how similar vinyl can look to wood and other natural materials. For this reason, many homeowners opt for vinyl over hardwood flooring, because they can get the look for a lot less. However, vinyl is made of plastic, so while it has some benefits (like being completely water resistant and easy to clean), it is prone to scratches. Another obstacle is color options, as the range is not as wide with vinyl as some other materials.

  1. Bamboo

Bamboo is an environmentally friendly, natural material that looks similar to wood. With its interesting appearance and easy-to-clean characteristics, bamboo is becoming a more sought after material for kitchen floors. Aside from its green appeal (it is a highly renewable resource that grows fully every few years), bamboo is also easy to maintain.

  1. Laminate

3-27-18 RTA2-Kingsport Java Kitchen with Laminate Flooring

Laminate is made almost completely of wood product, so a lot of its features are similar to wood. You can also find laminate styles that very closely mimic wood, but cost significantly less. Laminate is very durable and resistant to water and stains, which makes it a solid choice for kitchen flooring. Because of its longevity, durability, and looks, laminate is even favored over wood by many homeowners.

  1. Cork

Cork is becoming a more popular choice, as homeowners seek eco-friendly flooring options. With the same soft resilience as wood, cork is a comfortable material that works well in kitchens. This sustainably harvested material also has antimicrobial properties, and repels insects and small vermin.

  1. Painted Concrete or Plywood

3-27-18 RTA3-Roosevelt Khaki (Semi-Custom) Kitchen with Painted Floors

While adding a material to your subflooring seems like the obvious next step, some homeowners opt for paint instead. This alternative is a fraction of the cost and, if done right, can still enhance your kitchen remodel.

If painting plywood floors, choose an oil-based paint specifically made for floors or porches. If you’re painting concrete, look for a label that mentions concrete or garage floors. With a heavy-duty floor paint and a waterproof sealer, your old subflooring can transform into lovely kitchen floors.


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