Spring Has Sprung! How To Make DIY Natural Insect Repellants For The Kitchen

There are many amazing spring kitchen trends to love, but insects are not one of them! Unfortunately, most of the ant and inspect sprays you’ll find on the market contain harsh chemicals that you may not want to expose your family to. But those aren’t your only option.

You can keep pesky bugs out of your cabinets and pantry with natural insect repellants that you can make at home. These easy DIY solutions contain ingredients like vinegar and essential oils that are generally thought to be safe. As always, those with pets or small children should double check about the safety of a specific ingredient with your vet or pediatrician.

Ready to rid your home of bugs the natural way? Here’s what you’ll need.

Tea Tree Oil


Essential aroma oil

The invigorating oil that we love in a deep cleaning body wash or shampoo is not as favored by cockroaches. But before you start washing your floors with your favorite tea tree oil soap, make this solution instead.

Mix one cup water to one tablespoon of tea tree oil and spray the mixture wherever needed, such as the entrances of your home and garage.

Peppermint Oil

Another minty oil that will help you win the war against insects is peppermint oil. Mix one tablespoon with a cup of water and use it as an anti-spider spray.

Spritz the solution along windowsills and doors to build a barrier between you and your eight-legged friends. Bonus: If you park your car near a spider oasis, use a little of this spray along your car’s door jambs and window edges to keep them away from your vehicle as well!


Did you know your favorite natural cleaner is also a great bug repellent? In addition to leaving surfaces shiny, spotless, and squeaky clean, vinegar also helps ward off ants.

In a spray bottle, dilute white vinegar with water and add a few drops of an aromatic essential oil, such as citrus or lavender, to cut the strong scent.

You can spray this along any window and door edges to keep out harmless (but pesky) ants.

Plants And Herbs

Bouquet of lavender in a rustic setting

Battling mosquito’s outdoors is bad enough. Keep them out of your home by installing some insect-repellant plants and herbs in your yard and near entryways.

Lavender, citronella, catnip, basil and marigolds are all good options when it comes to repelling mosquitoes from your home.

Coffee Filters

Tiny fruit flies can make even the biggest fruit lovers consider throwing in the towel. But before you give up your favorite fruit bowl, try setting up a coffee flitter flytrap.

To put one together, pour a little red wine vinegar in a glass and dilute it with water. Then place a cone-shaped coffee filter in the cup. The vinegar will attract the fruit flies and the coffee filter will keep them trapped.

With these easy DIY natural insect repellants, you can now set up your spring kitchen trends and décor without worrying about any unexpected visitors.

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