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The Versatility of White Shaker – Style Ideas

Known for its simple, functional design, Shaker-style furniture remains a classic choice when designing or remodeling kitchens. The traditional Shaker cabinet design was either a 5-panel door with a recessed center or a flat panel with minimal detail. Usually paired with light colors and minimalist hardware, the Shaker style reflects minimalism, utility, simple beauty and high-quality construction.

Whether you currently have a Shaker-style kitchen or are looking to design one, you’ll appreciate the versatile, Shaker-inspired style ideas below.

#1: Open Shelves

Displaying kitchen items on simple open shelves was often a Shaker kitchen staple. Open shelves are a great addition to any kitchen because they double as storage space and a display area. They’re ideal for showing off your most eye-catching dishes—and, since they’re out in plain sight, you’re much more likely to actually use them! They’re also a great way to help balance your cabinetry by creating some open space.

#2: Cabinetry

White Shaker kitchen cabinets add character to your kitchen and offer a clean, crisp look that’s visually appealing.

Extremely versatile, white Shaker cabinets blend in with all different types of décor and fit in just as well in modern homes as they do in traditional homes. They can be used with a bold kitchen design or a minimalist one, and look great with virtually every wall color and countertop choice. This versatility is one quality that makes Shaker a popular, timeless style.

#3: Knobs and Handles

Shaker-style kitchens often mix up the knobs and handles on cabinets. The majority of Shaker cabinets are finished with a combination of timeless handles (like these) on drawers below the countertop and solid round knobs (such as these) on the cabinets above the counters.

#4: Backsplash and Tiles 

If you’re looking for the perfect backsplash to go with white Shaker kitchen cabinets, you can’t go wrong with traditional subway tile laid out in a brick pattern. Just as timeless as Shaker cabinets, subway tile works wonderfully in most kitchen designs and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

#5: White Color Scheme

To get a look that draws you into the true simplicity and minimal aspect of Shaker-style design, go with an all-white or very pale color scheme throughout your kitchen.

The combination of a white ceiling and walls, a white subway tile backsplash, white open shelves and a white-washed wood floor work together with white Shaker cabinets to create a crisp look that brings a peaceful beauty to the kitchen. If you have the space, go with a white table and chair set to complete this light, airy effect.