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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

For some homeowners, saving energy is the last thing on their minds. Kitchen sinks are left running, we forget to turn off the lights when we leave a room, and the air conditioner is keeping an empty house cool during the day. But this needs to change. By making your home more energy efficient you could save some serious money on your utility bills. And we’re not just talking nickels and dimes.


Being a homeowner isn’t only about having the best RTA kitchen cabinets and updated appliances (although that is important). It’s also about taking good care of the home as a whole. And by knowing where you’re losing energy, you could be putting that wasted money to better use.


Ready to start reducing energy costs in your home? Here is how to get it done.


Leaky Kitchen Sink FaucetUnderstand what makes up the majority of your utility bills.


Not all energy is created equal. Certain things account for larger amounts of your utility bills. The breakdown is like this: a little less than half is from keeping the home cool or warm, and about a third is a result of cooking, illuminating the home, and using appliances. Heating water and your refrigerator are responsible for the rest. 


Take an audit of your home’s heating and cooling systems.


Wait. Wasn’t this post supposed to be about saving money? We know, updating your energy systems does not sound cheap, but sometimes you need to spend money to save money. 


First, get an energy audit to see where your home stands. Your utility company might conduct this test for free or for a minimal price. If not, there are professionals who offer this service and the cost should be reasonable. After the audit, you’ll learn if updating or replacing your home’s energy systems is the right decision. If doing so is the best move, feel confident in the fact that it will save you money for years to come. And like installing new kitchen cabinets, it can even increase the value of your home should you decide to sell down the road.


Replace outdated appliances with more energy efficient models.


While leaving kitchen sinks or showers running when not in use is a serious offense, so is wasting energy with your appliances. Refrigerators are huge culprits, and washers, dryers, dishwashers and stoves aren’t far behind. If your large appliances are more than 10 years old, it’s time to upgrade. Look for those with the Energy Star stamp of approval. By replacing outdated appliances, you’ll save money on your utility bills, and in a few years these machines will pay for themselves.


Find free ways to reduce energy in the home right now.


Setting a Washing Machine to ColdUpdating your home isn’t the only way to be more energy efficient. There are also some simple things you can start doing right now that will reduce the amount of energy wasted. One easy change is washing your clothes in cool or warm water instead of hot.

Cooler water washes clothes just as well, and cuts that load’s energy cost in half. Another no-brainer is shutting off anything that is not in use. Also, unplug chargers when devices aren’t connected.

Additionally, look to your windows for heat or cooling. If you want to keep the home cool, keep shades closed. On a cool day, leave shades open and let the heat of the sun radiate inside.


Still not motivated to make your home more energy efficient? Consider this: following these energy saving tips could free up some funds and lead to some fancy design upgrades. That’s right. Keep washing those clothes in cold water and you could end up having the best RTA kitchen cabinets in the neighborhood after all.


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