White Kitchen Cabinet Breakfast Nook

It’s All About the Breakfast Nook

Who doesn't love a breakfast nook? A breakfast nook just adds that cozy, homey touch that kitchen needs. Although called a "breakfast" nook, you can really enjoy your nook for all meals at all times of day. It allows you and your family to come together in a more casual setting while eating.

A breakfast nook comes in a variety of forms. Our favorite breakfast nooks have a combination of built-in benches and individual dining chairs. The built-in benches typically have storage cabinets underneath and/or along the nearby walls that help tie the nook into the rest of the kitchen. You can go with any cabinets that suit your tastes and decor, of course. We especially like the look of a white or off-white cabinet for a breakfast nook. 

You have a couple of options for the placement of your nook. You might choose to go with a spot that is fully walled in so that you can create extra cabinet storage space around your nook. Or you could go with glass-plated cabinets and use the space to showcase books or decorative items. If you're a fan of natural light, you might choose to have a large window along the back side wall of your nook. You could take a step further by going with a corner of windows or a turret lined with built-in benches and windows. 

If your kitchen is on the smaller side, and you aren't able to go with a full table, bench and surrounding dining chairs, you might go with a built-in bench and portable cart that can double as a table and kitchen island.

Enjoy your very own nook!


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