Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Upgrade

Remodel, Resale: 5 Kitchen Upgrades that Increase Your Home’s Value

Thinking about selling your home? It’s important to know what upgrades are worth your money and time before remodeling and putting it on the market. According to Consumer Reports, the kitchen is the top-selling point of a home, so it’s important to have it in good shape when you put your home up for sale. But first you have to know what upgrades add value so you don’t waste your time and money. Here’s five kitchen upgrades to focus on when selling your home.

1. New or upgraded kitchen cabinets

Your cabinets are arguably the focal point of the kitchen, so naturally their condition and appearance will be important to potential home buyers. If your cabinets are worn or outdated, you may need to install new kitchen cabinets to make your home more appealing. But home experts warn against spending a small fortune on them. According to an article on, “every kitchen remodel should be based on your home’s price point.” If you buy new cabinets that aren’t proportional to your home’s value, then you’ll probably lose money on them. As far as color goes, neutral or light color kitchen cabinets are a safe choice since you’re trying to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape, they may just need a little updating, such as new hardware.

2. Functional accessories

Practicality matters to potential buyers, according to home repair experts at This Old House. Add functionality to your existing cabinets with small upgrades like full extension, soft-close drawer glides, interior cabinet organizers or a kitchen island or cart. These additions will make the kitchen easier and more efficient to use. Plus, these small functional upgrades will add value to your kitchen without costing you a lot.

3. Stainless steel appliances

Major kitchen appliances get daily use, so it’s important they’re in good working order and are not outdated. Home design experts at HGTV say stainless steel appliances are your best bet since they’ll appeal to the majority of potential home buyers. However, be careful about buying top-of-the-line, professional appliances. Those high-expense upgrades will be lost on most home buyers, and your money will be, too.

4. Granite or natural stone countertops

If you have outdated or laminate countertops, you may want to consider upgrading them before you put your home on the market. Granite is a good option because it has wide appeal due to its durability and natural beauty. Again, don’t think you have to choose the most expensive granite. Home design experts say to go for granite that coordinates with your kitchen cabinets and is in keeping with the look and price point of your home.

5. A new coat of paint

If your kitchen is painted a unique or specific color, re-painting is probably a good idea. According to Kiplinger, eccentric paint colors can be a turn-off to potential home buyers. The financial magazine recommends sticking to a warm, neutral palette that will have a wider appeal and make the room feel cozy. Plus, a fresh coat of paint costs less than $100, making this upgrade budget-friendly.

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