Snake Plant in a Master Bathroom

7 Tropical Houseplants That Are Perfect For The Bathroom

Tropical houseplants need low light, high humidity, and warm temperatures, making the bathroom the perfect place for them to thrive. Place one of these tropical houseplants near the windowsill or atop your bathroom vanity for instant décor and natural beauty.


Red BromeliadsBromeliads

Growing bromeliads is easy in the right environment. Unique and exotic, this tropical houseplant needs filtered light, and prefers a warm, moist location such as the bathroom. Bromeliads have thick, variegated foliage surrounding a colorful, long-lasting flower with spikey petals. Bromeliads are the perfect compliment to our Society Shaker White bathroom vanity. Set the pot in a saucer filled with water to increase humidity.  



Orchids are perhaps the loveliest tropical houseplant, but they also require the most attention. Fortunately, orchids keep their blooms for months, so they are well worth the added effort. Orchids need to be kept damp (but not soaking wet). Bathrooms create the perfect humid environment for growing orchids. Just be sure to place your plant near a bright window with filtered sunlight. Orchids are particularly stunning against dark finishes, like our Dakota Espresso Bathroom vanity.



This compact plant tolerates low light, but thrives in a bright location away from direct sunlight. It even does well under florescent lighting! Peperomia comes in a variety of shapes and colors. It’s easy to grow indoors, and is perfect for small bathrooms where space is tight. Water when the soil feels dry to the touch. Since they are slow growers, you won’t need to worry about pruning. Peperomia would fit right in against our Glazed Stone Grey bathroom vanity.



Philodendron is native to South America, but can be found in many homes across the US. It’s adapts to any condition, doesn’t require much light, and loves humidity. Allow the soil to dry between watering, and otherwise keep the soil damp. Vining varieties can be trained to to trail off the edge of your bathroom vanity for a pretty pop of color. Upright varieties can go just about anywhere. Just give them some elbowroom to spread. Add a touch of greenery to compliment golden-brown cabinets like Shaker Honey.


Pothos in a Modern Bathroom Pothos

Pothos is a vining houseplant that comes in a variety of colors and leaf sizes. From the bright chartreuse color of the Neon Pothos, to the variegated green hues of the Golden Pothos, this tropical beauty is probably the most popular houseplant. They don’t need much care, other than the occasional watering. Just don’t let the soil dry out, and keep this plant out of direct sunlight. As an added bonus, Pothos are great at purifying the air! Pothos will pop next to creamy cabinets like our French Vanilla Glaze.


Snake Plant

Snake plants are extremely hardy, and are perfect for anyone lacking a green thumb. They tolerate almost any growing condition, from bright to low light, and require little to no water when kept in a humid bathroom. Snake plant is considered mildly toxic, so place it on top of the bathroom vanity, away from children or pets. The variegated green, upright leaves will make quite a dramatic statement when paired with a rich, red bathroom vanity like Cherry Retreat!


Spider Plant

Spider plants are low-maintenance and no-fuss. These easy-going plants prefer the warmth and humidity of the bathroom, and they tolerate low light extremely well. Spider plants are trailing, so place your spider plant in a pot on an open shelf or in a hanging basket. Best of all, their shoots can be detached and propagated to make new plants. Spider plants have a classic charm that goes perfectly with Vintage White bathroom vanities.



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