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6 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Are you over winter? We don’t blame you! Bring on the flowers, sunny skies and warmer weather! The first day of spring is March 20th, which actually is a lot closer than it seems (regardless of what the groundhog predicted). Even if you still have leftover holiday cookies in your kitchen pantry cabinet, winter is in fact coming to an end. To help calm your anticipation and prepare for the next season to come, here are six tips to get your home ready for spring.


1. Get rid of all signs of the holidays.


Is your Christmas tree still up? Have you yet to store away your festive linens and tablecloth? Whatever stage of un-decorating you’re currently in, it’s time to kick it up to full gear and get rid of all that holiday clutter. Clear your kitchen cabinets of snowman cookie cutters, hide away all those holiday odds and ends (you know, the nutcrackers and garland), and put everything back in its proper storage. At the end of your sweep, there should be no signs of the holidays left in your home.


Spring Cleaning2. Spring cleaning is a thing and you should do it.


This really is a great time to give your home a good cleaning. If you’re anything like the rest of us, you saw your fair share of foot traffic these last couple months. And while that weekly vacuum and wipe down of your countertops and cabinet doors was a good effort, it’s time for a full scrub down. If you work full time or are busy with kids, don’t feel the need to clean your entire home in one day. Tackle a room every few days and your whole home will be revamped just in time for the start of spring.


3. Throw out or donate any unused food.


Those holiday cookies still in the kitchen pantry cabinet that we mentioned before? Yeah, they need to go. If you went overboard in the snack department and have extra boxes of crackers or other non-perishable food items, donate them to your local food bank. Don’t hold on to stuff you know you won’t eat or that has met its expiration. Empty out your kitchen cabinets and clean out your refrigerator.


Linen Shaker - The RTA Store4. Open up the windows.


As soon as the weather permits, open up your windows and sliding glass doors to “air” the house out, especially in the kitchen. All those stale scents lingering from cooking and baking nonstop can be let out of your kitchen, and the fresh scents of spring can come in.


5. Check the condition of your home’s exterior.


If you live in a region where winter means cold temperatures, strong winds and heavy rains or snow, your home may have experienced a beating. Do a perimeter check by taking a survey of the gutters, downspouts, roof, yard and driveway. You’ll probably discover a buildup of debris in the gutters that could use cleaning, and that your driveway or deck deserves a power clean. Now is the perfect time to give the exterior of your home some TLC before you start spending spring outdoors.


6. Start planning your garden.


Another reason the exterior of your home is so important is the possibility for flowers and plants — and even a garden of herbs and vegetables. If you already have a green thumb you know the procedure, but newbies can get a head start on their gardening goals by mapping out their garden and prepping the soil for planting.


Spring will be here before you know it. Get your home ready for spring today, so that you can enjoy that fresh breeze in your beautiful kitchen without a care come March!



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