5 Things To Expect With Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Jumping into a bathroom remodel can be nerve-racking with the different styles of bathroom vanities to choose from, flooring to pick, and fixtures to decide on. And let’s not forget the plumbing and electric that might come into play. We’re not trying to scare you, we promise! We just want to prepare you so that there are no surprises once you get to work, and to ensure you will be thrilled with the results once you are finished. Read on for the top five things to expect with your next bathroom remodel.

1. Permits

Depending on how in depth your bathroom remodel is going to be, you may require permits for building, plumbing and electric. Every city is different, and depending on their building codes and requirements, you or your contractor may be required to pull a permit. Before you begin work, check with your city planning department and inquire about permits needed for your remodel. They will be able to educate you about important factors like the distance between toilets and showers, the procedure for changing existing plumbing or electric, and any other concerns you may have.

2. Expenses

Even the most carefully budgeted projects can run over. Before getting started with your bathroom remodel make sure you have some emergency funds set aside that you are able and willing to spend if the cost of your remodel exceeds your initial quote. Stopping a project before it’s complete causes a slew of dispositions in your home, and by stopping and restarting you may also incur additional fees from your contractor or from the city for keeping your permit open longer. If using a contractor, be prepared to receive a change order (this will be an updated bill to reflect any changes to the project) and there will be no surprise when and if you do.

3. Assembly

When purchasing bathroom vanities and cabinets it is important to check beforehand whether what you are ordering is ready to assemble or pre-assembled. If it is listed as “ready to assemble” that means you will be required to put it together, while “pre-assembled” will arrive ready to install. Ready to assemble cabinets can often be less expensive and manufactures make assembly easy, so this might be a good option if you’re the DIY type. TheRTAStore website offers a huge selection of Ready to Assemble (RTA) and Pre-Assembled cabinets, with the same (if not better) quality you would find at any retail store but for a fraction of the price.

4. Fixtures

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that fixtures don’t come with their purchases. For example faucets are rarely included with bathroom vanities or bathtubs. Be prepared to shop for fixtures separately. Word to the wise: select bathroom vanities, bathtubs and showers before choosing fixtures, as you will want to go with styles that fit properly.

5. Delays

Not all bathroom remodels run smoothly and there are many unexpected delays that can occur. A fixture or material you order may take longer to deliver than initially estimated. If working with a contractor, they may have a worker fall ill or have an emergency call that can take precedent over your project. Be prepared that your remodel is likely to take longer than initially expected and save yourself the disappointment later. If you are overseeing the project yourself, be patient and know that the end result is well worth your time and effort.