Toilet Paper Holder on Tile Wall

How To Install A Toilet Paper Holder And Towel Bar The Right Way

Installing new bathroom hardware is a simple and cost-effective way to upgrade the bathrooms in your home. Toilet paper holders and towel bars may be a small addition, but they can have a big impact, both aesthetically and functionally. The RTA Store offers a huge selection of ready to assemble bathroom vanities and bathroom hardware for the DIY and budget savvy set. Here, we’ll show you how to install a toilet paper holder and towel bar the right way.


Fairview Collection Paper Holders in Brushed Oil Rubbed Bronze - The RTA StoreInstalling A Toilet Paper Holder

The average height of the paper holder from the bottom of the floor should be between 28-30 inches, but you should also take into consideration your personal preferences, the size of the toilet, the placement of your bathroom vanity in relation to the toilet and shower, and the bathroom as a whole. Before you take the big leap, measure the location of the paper holder and mounting plate on one side with a measuring tape. Then determine the spacing for the other two holes on the other side. Use a level to make sure both sides are even. Double check and mark these spots both horizontally and vertically — this should create a plus sign (+) marking for each future hole. Take the plunge and drill holes using a ¼” drill bit on the marks. Insert anchors and nails into the holes to mount the paper holder. Slide the mounting parts, and secure by pushing flush with the wall and down into the mounting bracket, then slide the toilet paper roll on.


Bridgeport Collection Towel Bar in Polished Chrome - The RTA StoreInstalling A Towel Bar

Installing a towel bar is not much different than a toilet paper holder — think of it as an enlarged version, to hang your towels! The first step is always to check the size and placement of your future bathroom hardware. Measure from one end to the other horizontally, then vertically, to determine how high you want it on the wall. Make vertical marks for the length, and use a level to create horizontal marks over the vertical marks, to make a plus sign (+). Hold the mounting plate top hole to fit inside the first plus sign and use a pencil to mark this placement. Do the same for the other side. Use a ¼” drill bit to make tiny pre-drill holes on the pencil marked areas only. Use a hammer for the anchors and screws. Align one side of the towel bar up to the mounting plate and push inwards, repeat for the other side, then pull down and lock into place.


Tips for the different housing materials you’ll be dealing with:



Tile can be tricky, but it’s nothing you can’t handle! Remember that slow and steady wins the race — tile, ceramic, and glass are delicate materials so proceed with caution. The least amount of pressure on it, the better!



Towel Bar on DrywallMounting anything in drywall may require anchors. There’s nothing worse than mounting a new piece of bathroom hardware and having it fall off the second you use it. Drywall is not sturdy — it turns the area you drilled into powder, causing the screws to lose their grip without the aid of anchors. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Wood Cabinets

Putting your bathroom hardware directly onto your bathroom vanities may have you feeling doubtful, but it’s done frequently and is also a great space saver. Use previous screws for placement, or if you’re starting out new, always remember to make small pre-holes first. If you are still wary, get someone with experience to drill the holes in the side of your cabinets.


In the end, you’ll be glad you took the time to install your new bathroom hardware the right way. Not only will it enhance the look of your bathroom, but it will make your space more functional too.



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