How To Get Your Home Ready For Hosting Holiday Guests

A guest suite may not be at the top of your home renovation checklist, but it’s high time you bump it up a few notches. As we head into fall and winter, you’re more than likely to have a guest or two, whether you’re ready for them or not. Rather than offer up your kid’s bunk beds to your overnighters, plan ahead so that your family and friends can comfortably enjoy the holidays at your house.














Make the most of the space you have.

You may not have a designated bedroom for your guests to use, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a private place for them to stay. We often assume the most obvious ways to accommodate guests are the best ways, but this type of thinking usually results in inconveniencing you or another member of your household. It’s not necessary to sacrifice where you or your children sleep to make a guest comfortable. There are plenty of creative ways to welcome friends and family into your home around the holidays without putting yourself out.

A TV room or a home office is a great space to convert into a makeshift guest bedroom. In many cases, a pullout sofa is all you need to achieve this transition, but in some situations, a little heavier lifting is required. For those with limited space, a murphy bed can actually be an excellent option. You probably weren’t considering a murphy bed when putting together your home renovation checklist, but this addition allows you to easily transition a common area into a guest bedroom.

Just be mindful of how you use the space after your guests arrive. That might mean bringing your computer into your bedroom for a few days or limiting television time to daylight hours. You may also want to leave a few drawers empty in your TV room or home office cabinetry for visitors to neatly store their clothing and personal items.
















Open the door to personalization.

In this day and age, you can design your own kitchen, install your own cabinets and even DIY a custom backsplash in the bathroom. With so much control in our hands, most of us have become quite accustomed to personalized experiences. Extend this mindset to your guests by allowing them to have a say in your holiday planning, whether it’s putting together a playlist with songs they’ve requested or making sure to stock their favorite wine in your home bar cabinets. These little touches make a huge difference and help your guests feel welcomed from the moment they walk in your front door.

A good host also tries to make guests feel at home, and there are so many easy ways that you can prepare your house to make this possible. Is Grandma an early riser with a love for hot oatmeal? Gather all the ingredients she needs to make her own breakfast in a basket in your pantry. Does your uncle always forget his toothbrush? Set aside a drawer in your bathroom vanity that is filled with all of the toiletries your guests will need during their stay.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Your procrastination to prepare may be with good intentions. You don’t want to clean the entire house too far in advance if it might get dirty again before your guests arrive. But waiting to do the basics, like deep cleaning your kitchen and freshening your guest linens, can turn a time of celebration and love into stress and resentment.

Break your tasks down, and start checking things off your list a few weeks in advance. Start with things that aren’t time sensitive, like purging your refrigerator and pantry of expired or unwanted goods. Then, as you get closer to your guest’s arrival date, you can start shopping for their favorite snacks. By breaking tasks down and getting a head start, you can host the holidays with a clear mind and an open heart.


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