Installing your own cabinets isn't as overwhelming as one might think.

The DIY Guide to Custom Cabinet Installation

Are you getting ready to install your first set of custom cabinetry? The thought of doing so might sound intimidating, but in reality, you just have to follow a few basic steps. The amount of work required can depend on the type of custom cabinetry that you're installing. For example, ready to assemble cabinets will take more time to prepare to install than pre-assembled cabinets. However, ready to assemble cabinets will save money. You might start the installation process with building out your cabinet sections and placing them on the surrounding floor space.

Once you're ready to install your RTA-assembled or pre-assembled cabinets, you can move on to the wall and start measuring and marking the wall based on the height of your cabinets and the amount of space you want between your upper and lower cabinets. Marking the wall doesn't have to be perfect. Using a level can help you be sure that your dishes won't be sliding around on uneven cabinets.

Next, you can install a support board for installing the upper cabinets. The support board is only temporary, but will provide a more accurate baseline and, as the name implies, a bit of support for when you're lifting and attaching your cabinets to a level higher up on the wall.

Your custom cabinet set will likely come with more detailed descriptions of how to install those particular cabinets, but this overview goes to show that the overall process isn't as overwhelming as one might think.


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