Top 5 Trends In Bathroom Tile

Are you ready to renovate your bathroom and are looking for something new and exciting in bathroom tile? Then take a look at this fantastic list of trends we’ve seen over the past year!

Porcelain Tiles Made to Look Like Hardwood

Yep, that’s right! We recently watched a home renovation show and the designer used porcelain tiles made to look like hardwood flooring in the bathroom. The end result was absolutely beautiful!
Since porcelain floor tiles are made to look like hardwood, you get the look of hardwood without the moisture issues that come with having genuine hardwood in a bathroom.

These floor tiles are available in two, three, and four inch planks, and are so much easier to maintain in a bathroom than real hardwood flooring.

Metal Tile

If you’re looking for something completely different from the traditional glass or porcelain tile, then you’ve found it! Metal tiles have a very modern and contemporary look and feel to them.

They’re available in a range of different sizes, backings, and materials like stainless steel and copper, and can be combined to integrate with other materials like glass or natural stone.

Glass Tile

Glass Tile

Not only is glass tile a popular material for a kitchen backsplash, it is also becoming increasingly seen as tile in a bathroom.

Glass tile can be used on just about any surface in a bathroom from shower walls, to flooring, and as accent pieces. It’s also available in many colors, finishes and sizes. If your goal is to find a product that’s eco-friendly, most glass tile is made from recycled glass.

If you’re looking to add a little extra sparkle, depth, and luxury, then glass tile is the material for you!

Faux Marble

We all know marble has issues with staining when it comes to water. Not to mention it’s extremely delicate and very expensive. Even with all of these concerns about maintenance and cost, that hasn’t prevented some from taking a chance and using marble in a bathroom.

But for others who like the look, but were afraid to use it in a bathroom for the reasons mentioned, a great solution is to use faux marble.

Faux marble is made from ceramic tile. Not only will faux marble give you the look and feel of genuine marble, but also you will not incur the same expense and material weakness that come with using real marble.

Carpet Tiles

Yes, you read that correctly! Some folks love the look and feel of carpet in the bathroom, but we know wall-to-wall carpet really isn’t a practical option, as it may get wet and moldy.

Carpet tile will allow you to have the same warmth and sensation of wall to wall carpet in the bathroom, but not all of the same weaknesses. If the carpet tile gets wet, it can be pulled up and very easily dried.
Do you know of any trends in Bathroom Tile that we might have missed? Leave us a comment and let us know.