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3 Clever Solutions For A Blank Wall

Do you find yourself staring at a blank wall day in and day out, wondering what to do with that big, empty space? Get inspired and give your home a creative, custom touch with these clever solutions. From beautiful backsplash tile (hint: it’s not just for accenting kitchen cabinets anymore), to gallery walls and reclaimed wood, your basic and bland wall will become the star of the room! 


Reclaimed Wood WallReclaimed Wood

Whether from an old barn or a historic home, wide planks of reclaimed wood can add warmth and character when placed horizontally on a blank wall. The beauty of reclaimed wood lies in the imperfections. Nail holes, scratches, chips, and uneven color shows your wood has history.

You can clean up and gently sand down old boards for vintage visual interest, or remove the existing finish and add a muted wash of color or stain to match your room. Remember, you want that distinctive texture and grain to show through. Sealing raw, reclaimed wood can change the weathered tone you love about old boards. Since your wall won’t need to accommodate wet beverages like a table would, you can skip the sealant if you want to.


An Artful Arrangement

Create a gallery wall using complimentary frames and wall art of varying sizes. Start with a focal point at eye level, in the center of your display. From there, create a grid pattern with an even amount of space between each piece. Don’t worry about it being perfectly square. You can scatter various-sized frames in your arrangement, and combine them with decorative items like wooden letters, metal signs, or a wall clock.  Just be sure to align the outer edges of your display to create a semblance of balance.

Using pictures, frames and mats of the same tone also helps to create unity. If you are worried, arrange your pieces on the floor before hanging them on the wall. When you are ready, use frame hangers, which are sturdier than traditional wall hangers. Then protect your walls from dings and scratches by placing felt pads in the back corners of each frame.


A Beautiful Backsplash

Cristezza Club Glass Tile in Bright White - The RTA StoreLike we hinted at earlier, backsplash tile isn’t just for placing below kitchen cabinets anymore! While that usage is surely spectacular, why not get creative and go big by using backsplash tile on an accent wall? With so many patterns, colors, and materials available, the possibilities are endless.

To avoid being too busy, select a subtle pattern in a solid color. Our Cristezza Club Glass Tile comes in black, slate, teal, bright white, light olive, light taupe, and baby blue. These gorgeous glass tiles are arranged in a lovely pattern of long rectangular shapes in varying sizes, and would look stunning as an accent wall.



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