A stylish bar is one that works best for your personal style and lifestyle.

Want a Stylish Home Bar? Design Tips to Help

A stylish bar is one that works best for your personal style and lifestyle. One of the best ways to make your bar stylish is to consider the combination of elements you're putting together, from the cabinets and countertop to the hardware and decorative items.

When you're picking out the foundational elements for your bar — the cabinets and the countertop — you might go with something trendy or something that provides a classic look to last a lifetime. If you fall on the trendy side of the spectrum, you might go with a brightly painted cabinet and more neutral countertop or a neutral cabinet and a countertop with a colored stone or interesting texture. If you have an island in addition to cabinets along the wall, you could select two different paint colors or stains to create a nice contrast. For a more traditional look, you could pair a dark stained wood with a black granite countertop or a white cabinet with a black or light granite countertop.

As for accessories, hardware is a fun way to play with the style of your bar. You'll find a variety of shapes, materials, and colors to work with. Metals like gold, silver, and brass tend to give the most authentic bar look. Although slightly more than an accessory, you could also install a sink in your bar that is made of the same or a complementary material. Mirrors, serving glasses, metal cocktail-making items, and of course the items you plan to serve at your bar also add nuances of your style.


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