3 Laundry Room Resolutions For 2019

Maybe, after watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, you decided you needed to overhaul your laundry situation ASAP. Or maybe “wall cabinets for laundry room” has been on your wish list for a while now and 2019 is the year you finally check it off! Either way, home organization is a common resolution and the best way to achieve it is by setting small, actionable steps you can actually accomplish. Here are three things you can do to spruce up your laundry room this year.

  1. Avoid running out of supplies by keeping laundry detergent in large containers.

1-11-19 RTA2-Powder Detergent

Laundry detergent is a bulky buy, so most homeowners only keep one in the house at a time and replace it when they run out. While storage savvy, this approach sometimes leaves us in a pinch. Like when we turn on the washer only to learn we’re out of detergent. Oops!

To avoid running out of supplies right when you need it, store liquid detergent in a beverage dispenser — clearly labeled, of course. Whenever you want to find out how much detergent you have left, you can simply lift up the top and take a peak.

For powder detergent, use a clear jar with a wide brim. This will allow you to easily scoop the product out when doing a wash, and keep your eye out for low levels.

While storing detergent this way is convenient, it’s also cute! If you want your laundry room to be more aesthetically pleasing, this is an easy swap that can really make the space more stylish.

  1. Install cabinets in your laundry room.

When you have wall cabinets for laundry room essentials like soap and dryer sheets, it makes washing clothes a million times more enjoyable. You no longer have to use your appliances as shelves and can finally keep things in order.

You can also utilize the space in your laundry room cabinetry for any clothing related items, such as an iron and hand steamer. Having everything in one place really helps to streamline chores.

Storage hacks, like installing a fold out drying rack inside a cabinet, also help to make the most of your laundry room — even if the room is on the smaller side.

  1. Use storage bins and caddies to organize laundry room items.

1-11-19 RTA3-Graphite Grey ShakerHaving a very specific plan in place can help you keep your resolutions all year long. You need to make changes that can become routine. One way to do this in the laundry room is by designating a specific spot for like items.

Your laundry room is probably home to more than just laundry supplies, which is totally fine. Just make sure any miscellaneous items have a proper place. Use plastic storage bins and caddies to keep similar things together. For example, kitchen cleaning supplies in one bin and stain removers in another. When each thing belongs somewhere, you are more likely to return it there and maintain organization. You can even label your storage bins and caddies for added reinforcement!

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