Color Me Cabinet – Hottest Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas

A fun and easy way to spruce up your kitchen cabinets is with a fresh coat of paint—and nothing says trendy kitchen better than painting them the hottest new colors. It just so happens that this is also an inexpensive way to update your cabinets, and it works in both modern and older kitchens. Check out our list of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinet color ideas below.

#1. Cool Mint

Light green cabinets paired with white kitchen accents are shabby chic and evoke both warmth and coolness. The pastel cool mint paint brightens every space, feels fresh and can be both contemporary and vintage. Add in stainless steel appliances and your visitors are sure to swoon.

#2. Lightest Shades of Gray

For as long as we can remember, white cabinets top the wishlists of most DIYers. However, light gray is the shade to beat this year. A trend we’re seeing is to pair soft gray cabinets with deeply stained wood in the kitchen for a truly inviting, contemporary room. This look is spectacular in larger kitchens, as the pale gray color creates a striking contrast against rich wood, dark countertops and other contrasting accents.

#3. Black and White

We don’t think black and white kitchens will ever go out of style. Nothing packs a punch like the classic contrast of these two colors—they’re sleek, clean, fresh, modern, vintage, trendy, retro and fun all rolled up into one gorgeous kitchen. We dare you to find a black and white kitchen that doesn’t scream character. Go bold with all-black cabinets in a predominantly white kitchen design, make white cabinets pop in a darker-hued room or go one-of-a-kind with stylishly mismatched upper and lower cabinets.

#4. Rosy Blush

Pale pink is popping up in kitchens everywhere. This rosy soft hue is beautiful, bold and increasingly popular in kitchen décor this year. Pair a pale, dusty pink with deep gray to make your space feel cozy, warm and inviting with a vintage touch. These trendy and chic hues cast a colorful spell on any kitchen design, big or small.

#5. Blues Baby

While blues tend to give a beachy, coastal theme to any room, it is also calming, friendly and can add brightness and depth to your kitchen. Paired with white accents, blues are cool, crisp and timeless. With countless beautiful blues to choose from, including aqua, icy, pale, cobalt, turquoise, navy, violet-blue and more, your theme and décor ideas can be exceptionally versatile when you go blue.