Maximize Your Tiny Space with These Cabinet Ideas

When you need to get the most out of your tiny room, the answer may be in your cabinets. Maximizing cabinet organization in smart ways will create ample storage in your small spaces, from kitchens to offices to play rooms. The first things you need to consider in choosing your small-space cabinets are your lifestyle needs, including:

  • Where you’ll be installing cabinets
  • What will be stored in your cabinets
  • What kind of cabinet design you prefer

Once you have an idea of how your cabinets will be used, it’s time to start shopping. Take a look at these creative cabinet ideas that will not only maximize your tiny space but will be complement your home décor.

#1. Go Tall

When it comes to small spaces, one storage idea is to make a beeline to the ceiling with your cabinetry. We all have those things we can’t do without, yet we only use a couple of times a year… using tall cabinetry allows you to store those prized possessions that don’t require easy access higher up. Going vertical in small spaces also allows to maintain more valuable floor space, which makes a small space feel bigger. One example would be to use a tall vanity to increase storage potential in a small bathroom.

#2. Rolling Appliance Shelves

Coffee maker, blender, food processor, toaster… the appliance list can go on and on. If you’re short on counter space, pull-out sliding shelves for your appliances may be your cabinet storage answer. Rolling appliance shelves are both practical and versatile, can be adapted to fit in any room of your house, are easily accessible and don’t waste space. Bonus – stack them on top of each other to maximize every inch of the cabinet.

#3. Adjustable Shelves

Over time, your storage needs may change. A great way to get the most out of your small space is to choose cabinets with adjustable shelves. This way, as your needs change, so do your storage options. Adjustable shelves can help you organize your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, workroom, garage and more. Small rooms generally don’t offer much space that can be used for storage. For this reason, adjustable shelving is practical, user-friendly and space-efficient.

#4. Stackable Bins

Now that you have your tiny space shelving situated, a fantastic way to keep your cabinets organized is with stackable bins. Using stackable bins will optimize the space inside your cabinets and help you keep small items—like craft or sewing supplies, cake decorations, spice mixes, etc.—from being lost or forgotten in the back of your cupboards. Now we’re talking! Choose clear-sided bins or make sure to label each one in order to keep track of your items easily.