Design Elements for Creating a Spanish-style Kitchen

Design Elements for Creating a Spanish Style Kitchen

If you’re redesigning your kitchen and are looking to create a Spanish style design, you’ll want to check out the top style elements to include below. Incorporate these aspects into your design and you’ll have a warm, welcoming, beautiful Spanish style kitchen that you love.

#1: Dark Ornamental Cabinets

Most antique Spanish furniture was made from walnut and had decorative details such as rope and beaded trim. Dark cabinets that include decorative finishes are ideally suited for a Spanish style kitchen.

#2: Decorative Tile

Kitchen tile is available in a wide array of designs and colors and is a popular way to add color to a Spanish style kitchen (see tip #6 below). Use decorative tile for your kitchen flooring, backsplash or both, depending on how much flair you want to add.

#3: Wooden Island

A central element in a Spanish style kitchen is a wooden island. The wooden island usually showcases a gorgeous stone countertop and has decorative finishes, similar to the kitchen cabinets.

#4: Antique Elements

Any décor pieces that have an antique touch are highly compatible with a Spanish style kitchen design. Wrought iron and bronze are especially suited for creating the antique charm that Spanish kitchens are known and loved for. You can easily incorporate these materials in your lighting fixtures, faucets and hardware.

#5: Lighting

Spanish style homes typically include decorative iron chandeliers and bronze or copper sconces, as they soften other décor elements such as stone fireplaces and columns. Adding one of these lighting choices to your kitchen will bring just the right flavor and further enhance your Spanish design.

#6: Color

Spanish style kitchens frequently make use of white walls, mainly because they give the room a bright, alluring look. However, color is still an important aspect in Spanish style kitchens and is used to add more warmth and personality to the room.

Whether you want to modernize your kitchen with a monochromatic color theme or spice it up with a few bold colors, you can create a Spanish style look with virtually any palette. Add color with a decorative backsplash, patterned floor and by displaying vibrant artwork, colorful books or unique pottery on your countertops and shelves.