A cart with open shelving allows you to put beautiful things on display or keep useful tools easily accessible.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Cart for Your Style

Whether you love to host or just need some extra counter space, a kitchen cart is a useful and flexible kitchen feature. Wheel it in for parties as a bar to serve appetizers, create a breakfast nook with stools, or add helpful storage and counter space. To choose the right kitchen cart, think about both your kitchen decor and which features are most important to you. 

If you need additional storage in your kitchen, you can choose between open shelving and contained shelving. A cart with open industrial shelving helps the room feel more relaxed. It also allows you to put beautiful things, like glassware or accessories, on display, or to keep useful tools close by and easily accessible. If storage is your primary need, a more traditional, closed cart is the best option to maximize space. This kind of cart is made in a variety of styles, so look for a cart with a finish and a countertop that complements your current kitchen cabinetry and color scheme.

A kitchen cart can also be used in different ways to add functionality. If you want to add more seating space in your home, try a contemporary cart with space for stools. The dining space can bring people together, but the set doesn't encroach on surrounding walking space when the stools aren't in use. Need more elbow room or additional counter space for food preparation? For a functional workspace, a cart built for kitchen prep will do the job in a modern or more natural style. With a butcher block cutting surface, a knife holder and a towel rack, you can keep kitchenware handy and put the cart right where you need it for the task at hand.

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