2019 Bathroom Trends That are Here to Stay

Let’s put it out there – the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house. As such, not only should it be functional, but it needs to be aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and an all-around enjoyable place to hang out. The design of your bathroom should reflect your personal taste, style and preferences. And with 2019 just around the corner, we’re sharing with you the top bathroom trends we think are here to stay.

Free Standing Bathtub

Who doesn’t want to soak away the day in a freestanding bathtub? Adding a luxurious vibe to any private retreat, it’s a stunning addition to most bathrooms. Plan ahead: as long as your bathroom is large enough and has an open floor plan, a freestanding tub will be a gorgeous addition – and a conversation piece. Available in countless styles, a freestanding tub can bring an added warmth to your bathroom while making a big statement.

Open Ledge Storage

Perfect for both small and large spaces, open ledge storage is a great way to show off your style. Forget hiding your towels and accessories, this bathroom trend is not only an incredible use of built-in storage space, but it allows you to get creative with even tDoorless, Walk-In Showershe smallest and most awkward bathrooms. Towels are expensive! Show them off with fun, unique and functional open ledge storage.

Curtains are so 2017. Doorless, integrated showers work in open bathrooms of all sizes and offer an endless array of stylish possibilities. From wet-room style or enclosure style to corridor style, no walls at all and more, there is a walk-in shower for everyone. A walk-in shower is not only functional, but it also adds an element of elegance to any bathroom. And oh yeah – there’s way less to clean.

Marble Bathroom Walls

Marble. Everyone loves it and for a good reason – it’s a stunning addition to any home. Trending always, marble can definitely be considered an extravagance. Do keep in mind that marble has special maintenance needs in order to keep it looking and functioning its best for years. Take some time to decide if it suits your lifestyle and the room’s design. If it’s for you, you will love it for years and years to come.

Concrete Finishes

Concrete – definitely not the first thought that comes to mind when we think of a warm and cozy bathroom. However, it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also extremely versatile—from minimalist chic to industrial elegance, your bathroom will make a bold statement while offering a whole lot of personality through its concrete finishes. And concrete is low, low maintenance, and you can’t go wrong with that.

Black Fixtures

Careful… once you’ve added black fixtures to your bathroom, you may find yourself dreaming of a house decked out in black fixtures. Trust us; it’s an addiction. Black pairs well with almost any metal and other hues, too. Both elegant and edgy, you can make a big, bold statement in your bathroom by just updating your faucets, cabinet hardware and light fixtures to black options.

Rose Gold Décor No More – Say Hello to Metallic Accents

While the pink, coppery sheen of rose gold décor offers an eye-catching glamour, in 2019, we’ll see this bathroom décor trend replaced with those dreamy black fixtures and mesmerizing metallic accents.  Make the statement of statements in your bathroom by filling it with chic bath accessories, crafted from pewter-brushed brass and stainless metallic steel so you can effortlessly accent your bathroom. Because no matter how you decide to decorate, metallic accents (and those black fixtures we mentioned above) are always a good decision.