3 Cool And Classy Ways To Add Color In The Bathroom

If your bathroom is lacking luster, adding a splash of color could change that. Muted, neutral color schemes are beautiful — but without the right accents, they can sometimes feel boring.

A colorful bathroom doesn’t have to be loud or busy. You can have the best of both worlds and achieve a bright, vibrant design while maintaining the style of your achromatic concept.

Whether your dream bathroom is classy or cool, here are three ways to achieve the ultimate aesthetic with just a little bit of color.
6-26-20 RTA2-Frosted Rainbow Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink

  1. Choose a colorful bathroom sink made of tempered glass.

The sink is such an important part of a bathroom design, but this feature is often hidden and selected based on blending in rather than standing out. After browsing our bathroom vanities with tops, you may have found yourself lusting after our vast collection of bathroom sinks. You now know what we know — sinks should be celebrated not concealed.

Our colorful bathroom sinks made of tempered glass come in a variety of hues and finishes. From emerald green and purple to gold foil and stained glass, they are simply stunning and offer a subtle and elegant way to add color in the bathroom.

With modern features like a waterfall faucet and pop-up drain, these stylish vessel sinks will certainly complement your classy bathroom design. Choose your favorite color and complete your custom sink by selecting either brushed nickel, chrome, or an antique bronze finish.
6-26-20 RTA3-New Bathroom 00-6200-79

2. Go bold with a bathtub that’s anything but basic white.

In some ways it is an unspoken rule: bathtubs should be basic white. Taking a risk with color can be scary, since sometimes the result is tacky or distasteful. But today’s colorful tubs are quite unlike anything you’ve seen before. You can let go of your nightmarish recollections of 1980s bathrooms with their bright yellow or pink acrylic tubs. You know the ones with the matching backsplash tile, toilet, and pedestal sink? Yikes.

No, these modern bathtubs are completely chic and undeniably cool. With a freestanding design, they feature a splash of color on the exterior and a white basin. They also come in much more palatable shades like slate blue, grey, and mint green. These fresh hues, combined with their contrasting white interior, are the perfect pop of color to complement your bathroom’s modern color scheme.
6-26-20 RTA4-Mint Green Glass 2_ x 4_ Subway Tile

3. Add colorful backsplash tile in the shower.

It’s incredible what happens to your bathroom just by upgrading a shower wall with backsplash tile! Whether installing a uniform design in a solid color or a distinct two-tone pattern, the room instantly feels elevated and more interesting.

Backsplash tile is an affordable and easy way to enhance your dream bathroom design and incorporate some color. You can go with a classic style like subway tile or mix and match different tiles to create interesting lines and patterns. There are so many options to choose from and so much room for your personality to shine through. If you’re looking for a quick and budget-friendly way to make your bathroom more vibrant, installing backsplash tile is a great way to go.


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