Clever Hacks For A More Organized Home Office

Having an organized home office means less clutter and a clearer mind. Staying productive at home can be a challenge. Creating a space that increases your output can make working at home a much more appealing task. Start with these clever hacks for organizing your home office and see what kind of results a happy workspace can yield.

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Take inspiration from your kitchen and invest in quality cabinets.

Some of the best organization hacks for your office can be sourced straight from your kitchen — most importantly, your all wood cabinetry. The walls of your kitchen have been optimized for storage. Why not do the same in your home office?

Invest in quality cabinets and use this prime real estate to store your office supplies. Even devices like printers and scanners can be kept discreetly behind closed cabinet doors. After installing your new all wood cabinetry from The RTA Store, you’ll be able to eliminate the bulk of clutter that is currently crowding your office space.

Fill cabinet drawers and shelves with different types of organizers.

Did you know there is pretty much an organizer for every type of item? We’re not kidding. They make office organizers in all shapes and sizes, so everything from your pair of scissors to your noise-canceling headphones can have a place to go.

This might sound a little over the top, but we promise you will appreciate the benefit of organized drawers and shelves. In fact, overhauling your stuff and separating it by category can be life changing. If you don’t believe us, just ask Marie Kondo.

Customize your desk.

When you install quality cabinets from The RTA Store, you can configure your desk to your personal space and work needs, whether it’s an L-shaped corner desk for multi-tasking or a wall-to-wall desk with plenty of room to spread out.

If you tend to go stir crazy while sitting all day, you could also consider an adjustable desk that allows you to change from sitting to standing in seconds without skipping a beat. If you’ve spent too much time hunched over your keyboard, this hack may just be for you.

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Convert a blank wall into a calendar.

Do you find yourself wondering, “What day is it?” Does your phone ping you for appointments you’ve completely forgotten about? If so, a physical calendar could clear up a lot of the confusion in your life so that you can be more organized.

There are tons of cool DIY options for turning a wall into a calendar — and this hack ensures you won’t shove your daily planner in a drawer and forget about it after day two.

Some of our favorite handmade ideas are a dry-erase board or a chalkboard calendar. Both options allow you to write on the wall without leaving behind anything permanent.

Ditch your paper and files.

If you’re still using filing cabinets and manila folders to organize your important papers, it may be time to take things digital.

There are so many great options for digitizing your paper files that there’s really no reason to hang on to the physical copy.

This hack not only cuts down on paper clutter, but it also makes it much easier to find the documents you are looking for when you actually need them.


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