Contemporary Kitchen with Roosevelt Ginger with Black Accent (Semi-Custom) Cabinets and Wood Textured Luxury Vinyl Floor

Luxury Vinyl: The New Kid In Bathroom And Kitchen Flooring

If you’ve thrown around the idea of a bathroom or kitchen remodel, there’s a good chance you know about vinyl. It’s often the go-to choice when homeowners don’t want to spend the big money on tile, but still want a great look and a material that will last. (Tile can also be cold and uncomfortable, so even those with the cash for tile sometimes still opt for vinyl instead.)

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a bit newer than the vinyl you already may know, and it offers even more perks. Here are a few of the reasons why we’re big fans of LVT, and why we think you’ll be too.


Luxury vinyl tile has the same great durability as vinyl. It’s so resilient that most manufacturers will offer warranties for 10, even 15 years. LVT is also resistant to water, which makes it a great material to use on kitchen and bathroom floors. As far as day-to-day messes go, it’s easy to clean and requires very little maintenance after installation. The one biggest difference between regular vinyl sheeting and luxury vinyl tile is that if you do incur any damage, you now have the option of replacing just the few effected pieces rather than the entire floor.


Possibly one of the most appealing factors of luxury vinyl tile is its look — mimicking the appearance of stone, wood or tile so closely that its unlikely anyone but you will ever know the difference. LVT is thicker than traditional vinyl, which is why it’s almost a carbon copy to those more expensive flooring options. With vinyl tile, you also have more flexibility. There’s no need to limit yourself to one color or style throughout an entire room. You can mix and match styles as you please.

Slate Stone Textured Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles

Easy To Install

DIYers love luxury vinyl tile because, unlike sheet vinyl, it is insanely easy to install. You can even put it right over your existing subfloor or current vinyl flooring. Some varieties of LVT also boast self-adhesive on the back so you can stick it right to the floor. If you are going to DIY, make sure your floors are sparkling clean before you put down your new floorings. Dirt can easily show through and create unsightly bumps in your LVT.


While some luxury vinyl tile can be quite pricey, the majority of styles will be priced below what you’d pay for ceramic tile or hardwood floors. It’s also a much greater value for your money. LVT is backed by technology, so while it may look like other materials it is actually more durable and stable then its counterparts.

Durable, attractive, easy to install and budget friendly — are you a fan yet? Luxury vinyl tile is a great material when replacing your bathroom floors or doing a kitchen remodel. It looks great, feels better on feet and offers incomparable quality at a great price. No wonder luxury vinyl tile is replacing sheet vinyl when it comes to bathroom or kitchen design, and quickly becoming the best affordable flooring option for homes.

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