4 Common Kitchen Organizing Mistakes To Avoid

Do you ever feel like your kitchen has become a total mess but can’t figure out when things went wrong? Wasn’t everything perfectly in place just yesterday?

It’s shocking but true: it can take hours to clean your kitchen and only minutes to create complete chaos. But often the reason things get disorderly so quickly is our kitchen lacks organization. From bad storage solutions to choosing cabinets that are all wrong for your home, we’re sharing four common kitchen organizing mistakes —so you can fix these flubs ASAP!

  1. Stacking Anything And Everything To “Clean Up”

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We tend to believe that if we put something in a pile or cluster that it is tidy. But a stack of mail sitting on your countertop is still clutter. A wall lined with cookbooks that you never open is still stealing valuable space from your kitchen.

It’s best to nix this habit completely, and make it a rule that countertops should be bare except for your essentials. For you, that may mean a coffee maker and a canister set. The best way to decipher what makes the cut is ask yourself, “Do I use this everyday?” or “Does seeing this make me happy?” If there is no direct value, it needs to be thrown out, recycled, donated, or stored somewhere else.

Storage solutions can come in all shapes and sizes. For example, having a door hanger on your pantry to store unsorted mail can be a very functional addition to your kitchen. Putting bookends on your countertop to keep a maximum of three cookbooks in sight could stop you from turning your kitchen countertop into a library shelf. Adding inside cabinet accessories like a door mounted spice rack, or a utility tray or knife block that fits inside a drawer, can help keep loose cooking items tidy. We tend to think of storage solutions as bins and crates, but by thinking outside of the box, we can find balance and an answer that actually works for you and your home.

  1. Choosing Cabinets That Don’t Meet The Needs Of Your Home

Overlooking the importance of your kitchen design can make organization impossible. Sometimes, when choosing cabinets and thinking about the floor plan, we leave out an important part: functionality. While your kitchen cabinets are undoubtedly the focal point of the room, they need to be both functional and attractive.

Navigating the kitchen design process can be complicated. When embarking on a kitchen remodel, it is helpful to have the input of a professional, which is why anyone that purchases cabinets from The RTA Store receives complimentary design services. Our expert team will help you every step of the way to make sure you have the right kitchen cabinets to meet your home’s needs.

If you’re not due for a kitchen remodel just yet, inside cabinet accessories can be a great solution in the meantime.

  1. Turning Your Refrigerator Into A Calendar, Photo Album, And To-Do List

Sticking things on your fridge may be easy, but it is also making your kitchen seem a lot more cluttered than it probably is. School papers, photographs, business magnets, and save the date cards really don’t need to be there.

If you have a favorite photo, frame it and put it on a shelf. If you forget dates and phone numbers, save them in your phone. Let’s give our refrigerator a fresh start and stop using it as our calendar, photo album, and to-do list!

  1. Having Too Many Storage Options

Let’s talk about those storage bins and crates we mentioned before. They are always the go-to option when someone feels like a room has fallen out of order. But in reality, these storage solutions can actually create more clutter if you have too many of them.

We’ve seen many a pantry that is drowning in bins, most of which are stuffed with random snacks and ingredients. When you have too many places to put things, you often find yourself in the same situation you started with. Keep storage purposeful and limited.

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