5 DIY Tips For Designing An Incredible Garage Hangout

If your dream Home Renovation Checklist includes adding more square footage, look no further than your garage. Many homeowners already use this space for storage rather than parking their vehicles, so why not optimize this forgotten real estate?

With a purposeful plan and the right design, you can make much better use of your home garage. Here are some of our DIY tips for designing an incredible garage hangout.

Tip #1: Get rid of your unwanted stuff.

Some homeowners admit that their garage is so cluttered, they couldn’t even park their car in there if they wanted to! No matter how much stuff you’ve accumulated in your garage, there’s a good chance you don’t use it all.

Start your garage transformation by clearing the clutter. Host a garage sale, list some items online, or donate your unwanted goods to a local charity. The less things you need to store in your garage, the more room you’ll have to hang out in.

6-12-20 RTA2-Terrafirma Ultra Polar Grey Luxury Vinyl

Tip #2: Install new flooring.

Concrete is cool, but if you really want your garage to feel like part of your home, consider installing new flooring. When deciding what material to use, think of some of the best flooring for kitchen and bathroom use. Materials like vinyl and ceramic tile are commonly used, because they are super durable and resistant to water and stains. These types of flooring are also great for a garage hangout, where you’ll likely see a lot of foot traffic, game playing, and snacking.

Tip #3: Brighten things up.

Garages can be kind of dark and gloomy, especially if they have little or no natural light peeking in. Do your best to make the room feel brighter by adding a fresh coat of light colored paint to the walls and strategically installing lighting fixtures. These little adjustments can have a huge impact on the ambiance of the room. You want your garage hangout to be a welcoming place in the home, so it’s important to make the space bright and inviting.

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Tips #4: Add some appeal.

While installing an entertainment center is an amazing idea, your garage hangout can be more than just a second TV room. It should have a unique offering that can’t be found anywhere else in the house. There are so many ways to achieve that awe factor, but what’s important is that it’s uniquely beneficial to you or your family.

Maybe you learn how to install a wet bar sink and cabinets, and create a fully decked out home bar for date nights at home. If you have kids, you might want to create the ultimate playroom for them to explore their creativity. Or your version of a “garage hangout” might be a private home office, the ultimate crafting cave, or a meditation zen den. Transform your garage wisely and it could become your new favorite room in the house.

Tip #5: Don’t close the door on a good idea.

When transforming your garage, you are ultimately gaining another room in your home, so you will also need to consider heating and cooling your space. With that said, your conversion doesn’t always have to include a closed door. Summer is here, and there’s something to be said about a covered outdoor living space. By designing your garage hangout to have the door open, you can create an incredible veranda. Just imagine grabbing a bottle of prosecco out of the bar cabinet, sprawling out on your chaise and enjoying the beautiful weather in the shade and comfort of your garage.


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