5 Hot Bathroom Trends For 2016

If your bathroom is your sanctuary, you’re sure to have browsed some of the luxury upgrades available to homeowners. From aesthetically pleasing design features to life changing technology, flare certainly meets function this year. Find out the top bathroom trends for 2016 before putting your bathroom remodel into play.  

1. Heated Floors

If the shock of cold tile is keeping you in bed a little longer during winter months, heated flooring will make mornings much easier. Installed beneath the tile or hardwood floors in your bathroom, electric floor heating radiates heat from the bottom up to keep surfaces warm to the touch. Systems are digitally controlled, so you can easily turn the heat off when going to work and ignore during warmer weather.

2. Modern MetallicsRTA- Venetian-Glass-and-Aluminum-Tile-in-FlorenceRTA-Cristezza-Club-Glass-Tile-in-Silver-Foil

From top to bottom, bathrooms are shining due to a rise in metallic tile, fixtures and finishes. Metallic tile backsplashes are the latest trend, from styles that incorporate Venetian Glass and Aluminum, to our Cristezza Club Glass Tile in Silver Foil. And it does not have to be all or nothing when it comes to tile. You can tile a shower or simply a recessed niche for a touch of sparkle. Whether you use a little metallic or a lot, it will definitely bring elegance and awe to your bathroom design.

3. Tile Walls

Tile for flooring is great but on walls it’s even better. Hardwood floors paired with tiled walls make a great combination in a bathroom. You get the best of both worlds and create a truly unique style that is somehow both traditional and modern at the same time. To break up your tiled walls, consider adding feature tiles horizontally or vertically. This look is achieved by choosing a secondary tile in a contrasting material or color to create dimension in the room.

4. Raised Panel CabinetryAndover-60"-Double-Vanity-Set-Dark-Cherry

In 2016, beauty is in the details. Bathroom vanities featuring intricate accents, such as raised panel cabinets, are becoming a strong focal point this year. Leaning towards the traditional side, the Andover Vanity Set is hand carved and stained, and is an incredible keystone piece. It’s also available in a beautiful dark cherry, which is the perfect segue to the fifth hottest bathroom trend for 2016.

5. Dark Finishes

While white and maple cabinets may have been a favorite in past years, 2016 is going to show a preference towards dark finishes in the bathroom. From the rich dark cherry mentioned before to deeper shades of espresso, bathroom vanities in darker finishes are one of the top cabinet styles to look for. Dark wood finishes contrast beautifully with white and grey, and also look incredible aside metallic, our #2 trend for 2016. Even if it seems like unfamiliar territory (choosing dark colors for a bathroom), we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how warm and welcoming a dark color scheme can be.
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