Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

4 Nature-Inspired DIY Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons, and the perfect time to decorate your home with natural elements found right in your own backyard or local farmer’s market. With some crafty DIY know-how, and very little money, you can create amazing, nature-inspired décor for your kitchen. We’ve combed the Internet for inspiration, and here are a few of our favorite fall decorating ideas to help you embrace autumn’s bounty, and bring the outdoors inside.


Red ChrysanthemumsTree Stump Vase

This clever idea from HGTV is lovely in its simplicity. Start with a log that is at least four inches wide, and tall enough to accommodate fresh fall flowers. Ideally, you will want to find a piece of wood with nice bark, for visual interest. Using a paddle bit, drill down the center about an inch, and use a chisel to create a hollow space large enough to hold floral foam, or a bouquet, neatly arranged inside. Place your organic vase atop your kitchen island, and enjoy autumn blooms, such as Coneflower, Camellia, Chrysanthemum, Aster, and a variety of daisies.  Visit for detailed instructions.


Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

This cute autumn centerpiece idea was found at, with a tutorial courtesy of Simply Happenstance. All you need is a hollowed out pumpkin (real or plastic), some moss, spray adhesive, and enough succulents to create an arrangement. Succulents are colorful, and need very little water, making them the perfect addition to a fall table. They are also inexpensive, and can be found in a large variety at most garden centers. Place your Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece in the center of your table, and enjoy the pop of autumn color it brings to your kitchen.

Indian Corn

Indian Corn Wreath

This idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens, and is the perfect compliment to a fall kitchen when hung on a pantry door. And it’s easy to make! Just hot glue multicolored Indian corn around a plain straw wreath, and fluff the husks to create a full edge all the way around. You can purchase Indian corn at local farms, or online on sites like Amazon or eBay.


Preserved Leaf Art

Nothing says autumn quite like an array of colorful leaves. This festive idea from DIY Network preserves these natural masterpieces so you can enjoy them all season long. Just go outside and gather leaves in various colors and shapes. You can either use the leaves as a stamp on canvas, or preserve them using a 1:2 ratio of glycerin to water, and affix then to card stock to be framed on your kitchen wall. Visit for complete instructions.


Of course, you can also decorate with gourds, mini pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, twigs, wheat stalks, and branches of colorful autumn leaves. With so much beauty around us, the possibilities are endless! Happy fall!



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