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How To Design A Cozy And Comfortable Guest Bedroom And Bath

With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to put some thought into your guest accommodations. Make your space a home away from home, with soft bedding, and a well-stocked bathroom vanity. Here are some helpful tips for designing a cozy and comfortable guest bedroom and bath.


Guest BedroomIn The Bedroom

Take a look at the existing furniture that you have in the room, and make sure the look is clean and cohesive. Your space should feel welcoming and well planned, rather than just thrown together. Touch up any nicks or scratches on wood furniture, or paint a variety of mix and match pieces in one soothing color.


If your mattress has seen better days, consider investing in a new mattress, or at the least, purchase a thick foam mattress pad to place on top. Add a cushy mattress cover, and a crisp set of sheets. Regardless of the thread count, sheets should feels soft and comfortable to the touch. Stick with long-fiber cotton, like Pima, Egyptian or Supima, in a percale or sateen weave.


Keep fluffy pillows on hand for guests, protected with removable pillow ticks. Since the temperature drops at night, you should also include a cozy blanket or two for the bed. Fleece is an excellent and affordable choice for warmth, softness, and washability. Finish the bed with a nice quilt or comforter, and coordinating throw pillows. Add a cozy chair in a corner, or a bench at the foot of the bed, so your guests have a place to sit.


Keep extra hangers in the closet, and leave cabinet drawers empty, so overnight visitors can store their clothing. If you lack the space, a luggage rack would be a thoughtful addition to the room. On the bedside table, make sure there is a lamp, an alarm clock, and some books or magazines for your guests. You may even consider placing a television in the room for night owls or early risers.


In The Bathroom

Roosevelt Black (Semi-Custom) Bathroom Vanity - The RTA StoreWhen it comes to hospitality, a nice guest bathroom is just as important as a comfortable guest bedroom. First and foremost, the bathroom should be clean! It should also be well stocked and organized, with items travelers might need. Store extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, bath gel, soap, shampoo and conditioner, moisturizing lotion, and a hairdryer inside the bathroom vanity, and don’t forget to add plenty of toilet paper rolls.


In the linen closet, keep fresh and fluffy bath, face, and hand towels for visitors to use. There should also be a hand towel hung on a towel ring near the sink. Install a matching towel bar or two near the shower, as well as robe hooks.



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