Family Opening Christmas Gifts

5 Simple Ways To Clean Up Fast And Calm The Home Clutter

The holidays are here! Do you know what that means? Lots of visitors (maybe even some overnight guests), loads of decorations, cooking and baking in the kitchen, and tons of gifts are in store! When you find yourself in the center of the whirlwind that is the holiday season, it’s easy for things to become a bit disordered. Get ahead of the mess with these five simple ways to tidy up and keep clutter contained during the holidays – and all year long.


1. Invest in some hidden storage that slides away in seconds.


Clear plastic containers that are flat and wide are perfect for sliding under beds and couches. If you have kids these are great for quickly scrambling up toys and other odds and ends that make their way all over the house.


2. Keep things under control behind cabinet doors.


When was the last time you used your cookie cutters? Where should you store your marshmallows and tubes of icing? Finding rarely used tools and making room for seasonal food items can certainly lead to chaos in the kitchen. But a few storage accessories can keep things under control behind cabinet doors. Browse inside cabinet accessories from The RTA Store to find simple solutions. 


Solid Black Granite Top Kitchen Cart/Island - The RTA Store3. Increase your cabinet space instantly.


While organizing the space you already have can do wonders, you may wish you had more. Assembling and installing some RTA cabinets for a quick DIY project may not be in the cards right now, but a portable kitchen island or cart could get you the extra cabinet space you need ASAP. Like our RTA cabinets, our portable kitchen islands and carts require some assembly, but they are freestanding (some even have wheels) so there is zero installation required. You can keep one in your kitchen for extra countertop and storage space, or set up in your living or dining room to serve drinks and snacks.


4. Organize your towels and linens.


While houseguests bring their own clothes and toiletries (most of the time), as a host we are responsible for providing their towels and linens. If you don’t typically have an influx of these items, the time to go out and buy them is now. Stock your linen cabinet so you’re not doing five loads of laundry a day until the New Year. An additional hamper in your guest bedroom is also necessary for a calm home (and laundry room) during the holidays.


5. Set up a simple system for disposing of garbage.


With the big meals, piles of wrapping and tissue paper, empty gift boxes, and bottles of wine, trash can quickly takeover your home this month. Especially since your trash and recycle schedule may change around the holidays. Depending on your home’s set up, it doesn’t hurt to add an additional garbage can in your garage or stick a recycling bin behind cabinet doors. You’re going to hear the question, “Where do you put trash and recyclables?” a lot. Rather than scrambling and piling up trash bags in the corner, come up with a simple system now for disposing of garbage and recyclables until trash day.



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