Cozy Backyard Fire Pit

How To Create A Cozy Backyard Fire Pit

Picture a beautiful fall night. You walk out to your backyard, head over to your outdoor kitchen cabinets, grab a blanket, and then take a seat beside your very own fire pit. The flames are blazing, the sky is filled with stars, and you have a warm cup of cider in your hands.

This cozy scene can be your everyday reality with just a few steps. Here is everything you’ll need to create a cozy backyard fire pit at your home.


Find a fire pit to fit your style.

Whether you buy or DIY, you’ll have a few different types of fire pits to choose from. When deciding, keep your home’s style in mind as well as your location. Would a stone fire pit perfectly suit your rustic home? Or would a beach inspired sand fire pit align just right with your lake views? Do you have an outdoor kitchen and pantry to go along with your firepit, or is that something to consider adding as well?

Aside from the look, consider convenience and function. Would you prefer a propane-powered model? Or are real logs a requirement? 

Figure out the details, and then start shopping. You’ll find DIY projects ranging from easy to difficult, and price points between $50 and a few thousand. The deciding factors will be whether you want to buy a fire pit or build your own, and your budget. 


Add an outdoor grill to keep the party going.

There are so many great things to do with a fire pit, and one is grilling out right over the fire. Buy a campfire grill, which will provide you with a metal surface to grill up meat, veggies and whatever else is on the menu. A campfire grill is a safer, easier method compared to your traditional “stick and hold” method (which often ends in dropped food or an injury).

Most come with legs so you can actually position the grill right over your fire pit, but you’ll also see grates that lay flat on top. Which design is best for you depends on what type of fire pit you have, as some will be too large or high to accommodate grills with legs and others will not have an adequate area for resting your flat grate. Find one that fits and can also accommodate what you plan on cooking.


Don’t forget all the accessories.

To make the most of your backyard fire pit, be sure to stock outdoor kitchen cabinets with all the right goods. Blankets, bug spray, mugs and plates are all safe bets. If you don’t have an outdoor refrigerator, you may also want to keep a cooler outside to store drinks or whatever you’re grilling up that night.


Be sure to set up a designated area to store logs as well (unless you choose a propane fire pit). You’re going to need a lot, and it helps to have a rack to keep them organized and readily available.


Fire Pit S'moresMake the most of your new space.

Whether it’s a family s’mores party or a neighborhood get-together, be sure to schedule some time with your new outdoor addition. Life has a way of stealing our time and intentions, so mark it on the calendar, send out an invite, or designate a day (Fire Pit Friday) to enjoy your new outdoor area. Whatever works for you and your schedule, find a way to guarantee that you’ll take full advantage of your cozy backyard. Come winter, you’ll be glad you didn’t miss a minute of fall around the fire pit.


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