Why Wood Look Tile Is The Hottest Home Trend For Summer

Wood look tile is quickly becoming a top choice for homeowners looking for stylish and affordable kitchen flooring ideas. With summer in full bloom, homeowners don’t want to spend hours and boatloads of cash on new flooring. Wood look tile offers the convenience of easy installation without sacrificing the sophisticated hard wood look and clean style — and it’s great for the entire home! This revolutionary material is quickly becoming the best flooring for kitchen areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even finished basements.

If you’re looking to revamp your home this season, consider installing wood look tile for a modern and budget friendly project. Here are some of the reasons why this material is becoming the hottest home trend this summer.


Repels Moisture

The hot summer months bring many opportunities for family lake outings, beach picnics, and pool days. However, it’s all fun and games until your floors are saturated with wet footprints, dripping swimsuits, and damp towels. Unlike traditional hard wood, wood look tile will not cup or crown due to excess moisture. In fact, this style of flooring has no issues with moisture, which means it can survive the wrath of a summer filled with pool parties and slip and slides.


Another reason wood look tile is so appealing is its durability. It is difficult to crack, split, and damage, making it the best flooring for kitchen areas, where utensils, pots and heavy objects are often dropped. It is also a great option for mudrooms or hallways, where there is a high volume of traffic. Tile flooring is great at withstanding stress in busy homes with children and pets.


One of the main selling points of this style flooring is its affordable price point. Whether you’re looking to revamp your outdated living room this summer or searching for modern kitchen flooring ideas, wood look tile is super versatile and budget friendly, making it ideal for most home renovation projects.

Classic Look

Even though wood look tile is not technically hard wood, it looks almost identical. This classic design will complement almost any home. Summertime means transitioning from calm spring vibes into bright shades and bold decor. Wood look tile offers a simple, straightforward look and neutral foundation that can accommodate a variety of furnishings and decor.













Unique Selection

Wood look tile is available in several shades and textures, so it’s simple to find a perfect match for your home. It is often difficult to find wood flooring that perfectly pairs with the existing elements in your home — especially if you have unique countertops or all wood cabinetry with a natural finish. Wood look tile comes in a variety of colors, including light and white washes, where traditional wood flooring does not.

Easy To Maintain

Unlike other flooring options, wood look tile is also incredibly easy to maintain. There are no specific cleaners or fancy equipment needed to clean it. Wood look tile is possibly the best flooring for kitchen areas, as you can quickly wipe, mop, and clean spills or splats with regular cleaning supplies and tools you have handy.


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