5 Ways To Add Marble Into Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

Marble is not a material restricted to flooring and countertops. There are many creative ways to add marble into your kitchen or bathroom to create a striking look in both traditional and modern homes. Read on to find out five of our favorite and unexpected ways to incorporate marble into your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

1. Use marble columns as a way to define individual rooms in an open concept floor plan.

An open concept floor plan is a popular design strategy to create the illusion of more space in a home by removing walls between the kitchen and living room. Even though walls are removed in this floor plan, most homeowners still want a way to clearly divide the rooms. Adding marble columns is an effective approach that gives you separation without obstructing views. You can choose to erect dramatic floor to ceiling columns, or build a half wall or arched passage that features a few shorter columns. Either way, the result is glamorous and doesn’t reverse the enhancement of an open concept floor plan.

2. Create a marble backsplash in your kitchen.

Marble is just as lovely on the walls as it is on the floor or countertop of your kitchen. If your countertop is marble, you can choose to extend that same material upward to create a fluid backsplash. This look can be greatly complementary to both modern and traditional kitchens, and makes an exceptional statement. You can also choose to mix and match materials, using one type of marble, such as marble tile, on the wall, and another for your countertop for an interesting and unexpected design.

3. Use marble from top to bottom in your shower. 

Marble can be used to create a stunning shower design in your bathroom. The ornate details of the stone can offer a beautiful backdrop for your shower, and by using the material on both the floor and walls you create a spa-like setting. Be sure to use a clear glass shower door so that this beautiful arrangement is visible throughout your bathroom.

4. Choose a marble surfaced table in your kitchen.

If you love the look of luxury, consider a marble tabletop for your dining table. This pricey purchase is worth the money spent for a creative and eye-catching addition to your kitchen. Whether your layout features room for a small three-piece dining set or your dining room joins your kitchen, a marble surfaced table is a beautiful piece of furniture to heighten the style of the room.

5. Make open shelving marvelous with marble.

Marble can be used to create beautiful open shelving in either a bathroom or kitchen. This creative addition makes storage space a form of décor and serves as a lovely accent to walls. In the kitchen, use marble shelves to display dinnerware and glasses or visually pleasing accessories that complement your kitchen theme. In a bathroom, marble shelving can be a place to store towels and showcase candles, flowers or other decorative items. 
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