5 Ways to Make Home Improvement a Family Affair

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean the kids are done with homework. Put the kids to work this summer with home improvement projects that are easy enough for them to complete themselves or do with some assistance. They’ll learn valuable skills while getting the home in tip-top shape. That’s a win-win! Here are 5 home improvement projects kids can help with, indoors and out:


Painting — A fresh coat of paint can make a huge impact without spending a lot of money. However, it does go faster when there are a few extra hands to help. Walls are the normal candidates for a new paint job, but consider painting kitchen cabinets, furniture or the picket fence! Get your kids to help with some of the prep work like moving furniture, taping, and disassembly if your painting cabinets. Older kids can assist with the actual painting — just be sure to show them the proper technique first. 

Window washing — The windows are often forgotten about because there are usually more pressing things to clean. Window washing is a great kid-friendly project because all they need is cleaner, a rag, and a little elbow grease. You’ll be amazed the difference clean windows make. Don’t forget to ask them to wash the outside as well!


Landscaping — The warm weather combined with spring rain means lots of activity in the garden. Put the kids to work planting, mulching, weeding and watering as age allows. Older kids and teens can mow the lawn, edge and prune with some adult supervision. A well cared for yard makes a huge impact on the look of a home. 

Pressure washing — Since it’s grilling season you’ll want to make sure the deck and patio are ready for their close ups. Pressure washing will get off most of the pollen and grime that’s built up over the year and will make the area look like new! The driveway and siding are two more great candidates for cleaning. 

Deck building — Don’t have a deck? Build one! This easy deck plan offers step-by-step instructions from home experts. Get the kids involved by letting them help shop for supplies, measure and hammer the wood into place. Just be sure to supervise them  when they’re using tools!

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