Woman Organizing A Closet

6 Clever Clothes Storage Hacks When You Don’t Have Enough Closet Space

Walk in closets lined with shelves, organized to perfection, and made even more magical with hanging chandeliers. You know the ones I’m talking about. If celebrity closets have you in a constant state of envy, these tips are for you! We’re going to show you how to make even the most ordinary closet come alive with RTA cabinets and a few clever storage hacks — designer duds (and price tag) not included.


Signature Vanilla Glaze Cabinetry - The RTA Store1. Cabinets Are Key


Some pretty amazing transformations can happen when you install affordable RTA cabinets in unexpected places. This simple DIY addition to a closet can quickly turn a crowded space into a perfectly arranged paradise. How can a wall of cabinets be so wonderful? You will now have a place for purses, storage for shoes, and even a spot to put those vacuum-sealed storage bags we’re going to talk about later. Pick your accessories up off the floor and chat with one of our customer care representatives about ordering some RTA cabinets for your small closet.


2. Stay In Season


It’s November, so your sandals, bathing suits, and warm weather wear no longer need to be in arm’s reach. Go through your closet and remove anything that you likely won’t want until summer. Pack away these items in vacuum-sealed storage bags and tuck away in your RTA cabinets or under-the-bed storage boxes. By vacuum sealing your storage, you’re able to save so much space. After this step, you’ll actually have room for those bulky sweaters and the rest of your winter wardrobe.


3. Two Words… Folding Hacks


It’s not so much how many drawers you have, but how you put items away in those drawers. Folding hacks are fairly simple, and will allow you to fit more items in your drawers, and to also be more organized. Spend some time learning a few space-saving folding methods and you’ll no longer be digging in your drawers to find your favorite t-shirt.


Stack of Folded Sweaters and Cardigans4. Float On


Floating shelves or wall-mounted baskets can free up some floor space, and create a storage solution for purses, scarves and hats. When your square footage is limited, you can maximize your storage space by utilizing your walls and doors. RTA cabinets and floating wall-mounted storage can help you accomplish this.


5. Stagger Your Clothing Rods


Most closets are set up to have one or two main rods. With this layout, you’re often left with lots of dead space. Shirts, blouses, skirts and shorts take up less than half a wall, so why not hang something below them? Stagger your clothing rods so that you’re optimizing your vertical storage and can hang more clothes in your closet.


6. Roll With It


Even after you optimize your closet, you may still be short on hanging space. A rolling clothes rack can solve this problem. This inexpensive storage solution can work in a few ways. If you have a walk-in, you can keep your rolling clothes rack in your pathway and simply roll it out when you need to get inside. If your closet can’t accommodate one, you can always keep it in the corner of your bedroom. Open closet designs are throwing out traditions and welcoming wardrobes into the bedroom.


Sometimes it’s smart to think outside the box.


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