7 Easy Kitchen And Bathroom Upgrades For Renters

Renting has its perks, but getting stuck with an interior design you don’t love isn’t one of them. Since renters are restricted on the changes they can make, and also don’t want to put money into a house that isn’t theirs, we’ve come up with some easy and affordable ways to update your kitchen and bathroom without irking your landlord or breaking the bank.

#1 Upgrade Lighting

From having bad bulbs to lack of lighting options, a dim or poorly lit kitchen can really ruin the cooking experience. The cheapest and simplest way to improve this problem is to replace the existing blubs with bright white lights. Look for bulbs with a light color between 3500K and 4100K on the K (Kelvin) temperature scale. This will give you that bright white you want. Also consider adding under cabinet lighting, which will illuminate your countertop space and make slicing and dicing much easier.

#2 Invest In A Kitchen Cart

#2 Invest In A Kitchen Cart
A kitchen cart, or portable island, functions in a variety of ways to enhance your kitchen and add that missing element. Whether you want more counter space, a wine rack or a bar, a kitchen cart is a convenient and inexpensive way to get it. Best part? You can pack it up and take it with you when you move!

#3 Freshen Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Since replacing your kitchen cabinets is out of the question, updating them will have to do. Remove all of your dining and cookware and put down liners in a color or pattern that you love. Use this opportunity to reorganize your shelf space and evaluate what you’re missing or don’t need. Cutlery drawers and other types of cabinetry organizers can also help in restructuring your cabinet space.

#4 Replace Bathroom Accessories

Is a rusty towel rack or grimy soap dish giving you the heebie-jeebies every time you use the bathroom? It’s time to change that! Bathroom accessories are easy to replace and cost so little you won’t mind leaving them behind when you move.

#5 Install New Faucets

Replacing the faucets in the kitchen and bathroom is a DIY low-budget upgrade for renters. This project doesn’t have to cost much since the parts are inexpensive and you can do the installation yourself. Faucets may be small but they make a big impact and can really modernize the other aspects of the room.

#6 Swap Out Hardware

If you’re not happy with the bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets your rental came with, changing out the hardware may help ease your distaste. Knobs and pulls cost just a few dollars each but are able to freshen up and change the look of your cabinetry.

#7 Hide Ugly Kitchen Countertops

#7 Hide Ugly Kitchen Countertops
Are your kitchen countertops an eye sore? There are plenty of ways to make them less noticeable. Adding a beautiful butcher block can serve as an attention grabber and accessories, like canisters or a dish or wine rack, will keep visitors looking up.

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