Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is one of the most desired kitchen features. If you don't already have one built into your kitchen and kitchen design, that just means it's time to get creative! There are actually a number of innovative ways to build your own kitchen island (and save money).

To start, think about how you want your kitchen island to function. Some options include breakfast bar, storage, decorative, beverage cart and cooking. The way you plan to use your island will help you decide what type of structure to use as the foundation of your project. If a DIY project is just too much to handle, then consider the pre-assembled kitchen cabinets and islands from The RTA Store.

If your number one goal is storage, think about how office furniture, such as office cabinets, might work in the space. If your mind immediately goes to the clunky, gray, metal filing cabinets, think again. As office culture has changed, so has office furniture, and you can now find stylish and even colorful pieces. Of course, height will be key, and you'll have a variety to choose from. Changing out knobs and pulls and adding a butcher block top could give you just the island you need with the right look and plenty of storage. For an added breakfast bar, have the butcher block extend and place stools underneath.

If you're going for a more decorative approach, think about how you might use an old dresser or gardening shelf unit. An old dresser would work similarly to the office cabinet but with a different look and feel. A gardening unit would likely be more like open shelving where you could display a fruit basket or recipe books.

If you're using the island as a beverage cart or for cooking, you likely want it to have wheels. In this case, you can go with most of the options previously mentioned unless you're using the storage/breakfast bar option, which tends to be a heavier and more stationary unit.

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