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Is your kitchen backsplash looking a little drab and boring? Are you looking for ways to add a little spice and color to your kitchen backsplash, but you don’t know where to start? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then read on as we share five fun and creative ways to incorporate color into your kitchen!

Colorful Tile

A great way to really add a pop of color into your kitchen is to add some colorful tiles to your backsplash. This is an easy DIY project that won’t break the bank! Not only is tile super affordable, the possibilities are endless when it comes to size, pattern, and color.

If you’re still not sure where to start with colorful tile, take some inspiration from a Mediterranean styled kitchen.

Mediterranean styled kitchens are usually very colorful with lots of warm tones and bold, hand painted mosaic patterns.

Back Painted Glass

If you’re looking to add a large burst of color to your kitchen backsplash and you have more modern tastes, why not go with a sheet of back painted glass.

Back painted glass is a very versatile material that can be painted in any color. Glass is available in tiles and very large sheets that can be cut into many different sizes and shapes.Fun, Creative & Colorful Kitchen Backsplashes

Broken Mosaic Tile

Want to really get creative with your backsplash? Why not try a broken mosaic tile backsplash using old, colorful dishes and ceramic ware? Head down to your local thrift shop to see what you can find to create a beautiful and colorful mosaic tile backsplash.

It might be a little work to get it done, but in the end it will really become a unique focal point in your kitchen that will have your friends and family talking for years to come.

Copper Pennies

Copper pennies come is a variety of colors depending upon how new or old they are. You can create an amazing attention grabbing backsplash with just a few simple tools. Check out our how-to guide, and also check out a few pictures here for inspiration.

If you’re really feeling daring you can even use copper pennies on your kitchen countertop, or use them to tile your kitchen floor!

Pebble or Glass Glob Backsplash

If you happen to have a beautiful collection of colorful pebbles or glass globs handy, why not get creative and install them on your kitchen backsplash.

Using pebbles and/or glass globs is not something that one typically sees in a kitchen, so like the broken mosaic tile idea this one will be unique and will certainly get people talking!

You can check out our how to instructions here.

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