DIY Cookbook Stand in 5 Simple Steps

Bringing your dream kitchen to life is not always easy — or cheap. And after you’ve installed new kitchen cabinets, countertops and flooring we’re sure the last thing you want to do is shell out extra cash on accents and accessories. But decorations are often the finishing touch needed to complete a theme and give your kitchen style the clear direction it needs. So that you have one less decoration to worry about, today we’re teaching you how to build a DIY cookbook holder to accent your countertop. Follow these five simple steps and you’ll be able to showcase your favorite recipes in no time.

How To Build A Cookbook Holder In 5 Simple Steps
Step 1: You can use scrap wood for this project but you’ll need a saw to get your pieces the right size. To construct your cookbook stand, cut down your wood so that you have one 11” wide by 12 ½” high piece, two 11” wide by 2 ¼” high pieces, and one 9” wide by 12” high piece. These four pieces are all you need! 

Step 2: Next you’re going to attach your pieces — but first do a dry run to make sure they fit right! Your largest piece will serve as the back, and your two matching pieces will be the bottom of your stand and the ledge that holds your cookbook in place. If you need to shave down your wood a bit, do so now. If not, go ahead with gluing your ledge and bottom together. Use aluminum clamps to hold the two pieces in place while they dry.

Step 3: Once your bottom and ledge have dried you are going to attach the back of your cookbook holder. On the back of your bottom piece, you are going to evenly measure four sections where you will drill holes slightly smaller than your screws. Then flip over your stand (you can use a bar clamp to keep your stand firmly in place) and insert screws attaching the back to the bottom.

Step 4: To create support for your stand you are going to cut down your final piece (9”x12”) into two equal triangles. Determine the exact location of your stands by measuring in three inches on either side of the back piece, and marking two lines where they will go. Drill two holes for each stand so that you will be able to securely attach at the top and bottom of each piece.

How To Build A Cookbook Holder In 5 Simple Steps
Step 5:
Pretty up your cookbook holder by sanding down edges so they are smooth and rounded. You can also enhance the wood by painting or rubbing on a finish or oil. This will give your cookbook a beautiful, glossy shine and will protect its surface so that it lasts as long as your kitchen remodel! When you’re finished, your guests will never guess this classic cookbook holder was a DIY project you completed with reclaimed wood, a few nails and some glue.
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