Plastic Toy Building Bricks

Easy Toy Storage Ideas In Time For The Holidays

If you have young children, your house is most likely filled to the brim with toys. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when tiny cars and dolls start creeping from the playroom and bedroom into the kitchen and living room. Stepping over toys in the main living areas is just no fun! Neither is the whining when something they want to play with can’t be found. Now is the time to clear out, clean up, and organize. After all, there will likely be more toys coming in December! Prepare by proactively tackling the toy chaos with these helpful tips.


Little Boy with Toy CarsClear Out And Clean Up

Sit down with your kids and discuss what toys they have outgrown or no longer play with. Give them a paper grocery bag and ask them to choose at least three items they would like to donate to children in need.

If your child is having trouble with this task, there are online blogs with great info on how to encourage kids to willingly donate toys from parents who have been there and done that.

After the kids go to bed, assess the situation for yourself and decide what additional items they can live without. This includes toys they never play with, duplicates, or toys that are no longer age-appropriate. Do not get rid of anything they love just because you hate it, or you will regret it later! We’re talking those tiny building bricks with a million pieces that always get lost and wind up under your foot, or a beloved stuffed animal collection that just collects dust. But do throw out any broken toys, hazardous toys, or games with missing pieces.   



Once you have whittled down the clutter, come up with organizational solutions that make it easy for kids (and parents) to keep things tidy.

Little Girl in PlayroomDesignate an area for toy storage, such as a closet or a playroom wall. Then install ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets to keep everything neatly tucked away and dust-free behind cabinet doors. Make sure there are shelves to hold board games, and clearly labeled bins to sort and group toys accordingly.

For example, have a bin for craft supplies, a bin for wooden trains, a bin for super-hero action figures, a bin for play food, and a bin for dress-up clothes. There should be a place for everything, and everything should be in its own place.

Consider a toy box, or large plastic tubs for quick clean up in the designated play area. Add a large wicker basket with a lid to the living room to house any stray toys that might migrate from their bedrooms or play space. With a little preparation now, your home will be stress and clutter-free in time for the holidays. So your living room and kitchen will be ready for entertaining friends and family, with no fear of stepping on a tiny plastic brick!


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