Making a Salad with Fresh Vegetables from the Garden

How To Create A Container Garden For Spring Vegetables

Want to grow your own vegetables but don’t have time or space for a large in-ground garden? A container garden is the in between solution when you want better than store-bought vegetables but going full on green thumb is out of the question.


What exactly is a container garden? Exactly what you think it is — a container that is used for planting and growing a vegetable garden. You may even have seen one before without knowing it! If you’ve come across a farmhouse sink sprouting tomatoes or outdoor kitchen cabinets turned on their side with plants growing from them, that is a DIY container garden at its finest. While these ideas are super clever, any enclosed container that has outlets for drainage will be an adequate space for your crops. Ready to create your own? Here’s what you’ll need to put together a DIY container garden.


Growing Green OnionsStep 1: Decide what vegetables you want to grow.


First things first, decide which spring vegetables you’d like to have in your garden. Some of the best choices for container gardens are lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, green onions, carrots and peppers. Most vegetables that can be grown in the ground can be grown in containers, so just do a little research before buying your seeds.


Step 2: Pick your container.


The next thing you’ll need to build a container garden is your container. As we said, there are many adequate options. The only requirement is drainage, which you can create yourself if your container doesn’t have any. If this is your first time, you might want to start with something simple and small. Some inexpensive options include coffee tins, large glass jars, plastic pots, reclaimed wood crates, repurposed vintage colanders, buckets, or even an old tire. If you tap into your creativity, you’ll find tons of items that would serve as the perfect starter container for your garden.


Step 3: Decorate your container.


If you’re going with a recycled option like a coffee tin or glass jars, you many want to spruce it up by decorating the exterior. You can spray paint it with nontoxic paint or decoupage on some waterproof Kraft paper. There’s really no rules as to how you make your container garden your own as long as you are keeping the container safe for vegetables. You will be eating what’s growing inside them after all!


Step 4: Create your drainage.


Head over to your outdoor kitchen cabinets or garage and retrieve the tools you need to create your drainage holes. This step will differ depending on the material of your container. For example, for a tin you will use a hammer and nails to puncture small holes in the bottom of the container.


Lettuce in a Container GardenStep 5: Get your seeds, peat moss, and potting mix.


Once your container is ready, it’s time to add your ingredients. You’ll want peat moss and some sort of potting mix with fertilizer or plant food for veggies. Follow the directions to make sure you are using the right amount because too much mix could harm your plants.


Step 6: Place your containers in the perfect spot.


You want to keep your containers in a safe space where they will not experience too much wind, can get enough sunlight, and are near a water source. This might be hanging in a windowsill, on your back patio or somewhere along the side of your home, not too far from the kitchen.



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