How to Design a Bathroom on a Tight Budget

Not all home remodeling is costly, but a bathroom renovation will usually run you a couple grand. Big-ticket items, such as toilets and bathtubs, are essential when updating your bathroom but are not cheap. If you’re designing a bathroom on a tight budget read on for our tips on how you can save on your remodel.

Bathroom Vanities

Homeowners are usually willing to shell out a little extra dough on bathroom vanities because they are the first thing guests notice when walking into the room. The undeniable focal point is also a high-traffic piece of furniture, and investing in a quality vanity will likely ward off common grievances like water damage.

Cost: $500 – $2,000

How to save: Top quality bathroom vanities are available ready to assemble and pre-assembled for any budget. If you have some DIY skills and a little time, opt for ready to assemble and shave down the price considerably.

Bathtubs & Toilets

When on a budget, function should lead the way. Modern fixtures offer many enticing luxuries but at the end of the day — they are unnecessary additions.

Cost: $150 – $2,000

How to Save: Maintain your existing floor plan and you won’t have to spend money on changing the plumbing. When choosing fixtures, go with the basics. The cost on bathroom fixtures ranges from one hundred dollars to a couple thousand, and going for the fixtures with fancy features could break your budget.


Because of the extreme temperature and moisture levels that live in your bathroom, choosing quality flooring is important. Tile is a popular choice because it’s water resistant and easy to clean, and relatively inexpensive.

Cost: Varies based on material, color and design.

How to Save: Ceramic tile is cheaper than other materials like glass or granite. For $2 or $3 a square foot you can tile your bathroom with ceramic. Check out the clearance section before buying to see what styles are on sale. 


Painting the walls will be the cheapest endeavor of your bathroom renovation but makes a huge difference in the overall appearance and spaciousness of the room. If some of the other elements in your bathroom are less than thrilling, choose a bright color that will liven up the room. For smaller spaces, keep color as monotone as possible to open up the area.  

Cost: $20 – $50

How to Save: At your local home improvement store or paint shop, ask if there are any colors they are looking to get off their hands. Sometimes new inventory or overstock can motivate a store to give you a discount. Also measure your space beforehand so you don’t end up buying more paint than you need.

In addition to the fixtures and supplies, don’t forget to take into account manpower. Any installation or construction you won’t be doing yourself will need to be outsourced. Some contractors bill a fixed price for services, while others charge by the hour. Be sure to clear up cost and ask about necessary permitting before signing a contract.
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