How To Handle Hosting The Holidays In A Small Home

Entertaining in a small space can be frustrating (to say the least). But if your humble home has been nominated to host dinner this holiday season, you might as well make the best of it. From optimizing your open concept kitchen to creative ideas for creating more space, we’ve got you covered. You can still be the host with the most despite your tiny living quarters. Let us show you how!

Clear out the common areas of your home.

The easiest way to create more space is to cut out the clutter. Store away anything in the kitchen, living room, or dining room that isn’t an essential. Any small appliances you won’t be using at your dinner party, or unnecessary décor, should go. This will likely free up your countertops, clear off your tables, and tidy up your floors. Since you’re in cleaning mode anyways, now is also a good time to dust off your TV room cabinetry and wipe down your walls. A clean space always feels bigger and brighter, so start scrubbing!

Remember that food prep is your BFF.

Closeup on happy young housewife preparing christmas dinner in kitchen

The last thing you want to do is make all of your food the day of your dinner party. Talk about cramping your style! Map out your menu in advance and schedule out what food you can prepare beforehand. Most holiday dishes like mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole can easily be prepared in advanced and heated up on your big day.

Accept help if it’s offered.

Pressuring your guests into a potluck they didn’t sign up for is bad form, but if someone offers, then why not accept? Let your cousin bring her famous pumpkin pie and allow your uncle to serve up his favorite chips and dip. The less assembly going on in your small kitchen, the better. And all the more relaxed you’ll be. Hey, it’s your holiday, too!

Plan out a serving station so that you’re dining room table isn’t overcrowded.

Dinner Is Served

More guests means more plates, glasses, and silverware. You’re much better off letting guests serve themselves at a designated station than putting all of your food out on the dining room table. If you have an open concept kitchen, turn your island or extra countertop space into a serving station. If you don’t have an open concept kitchen, clear off that buffet table and put it to its proper use or invest in a portable island or cart.

Control the foot traffic with strategically placed refreshments.

Guests tend to gravitate towards the food and drinks. Avoid a serious traffic jam in your kitchen by setting up a bar cart and using a coffee or side table to serve any appetizers. By strategically placing refreshments around your home, you can control the traffic flow.

Incorporate extra seating in a natural way.

Beautiful Christmas table setting

No one wants to feel like they’ve been shunned to the kids’ table, but fitting everyone around your dining room table may be a no-go. Be creative and naturally incorporate extra seating in a cohesive way. Depending on the height, you could extend your dining room table by placing a card table at one end. Another option for DIYers is to secure a thin piece of plywood on top of the dining room table (covered with a festive tablecloth) for a temporary solution to your seating issue.

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