How To Prep Your Home For Spring In 4 Simple Steps

If you’re living in the Northeast it might seem like spring is taking forever and a day to arrive! While you’re waiting for spring to make a grand entrance, you might as well start getting ready with these simple steps. Meanwhile, if spring has already sprung in your neck of the woods, it’s never too late to do a little sprucing up. No matter where you reside, your home’s interior will feel like a breath of fresh air with these helpful tips to a clutter-free house.

Clear Out The Clutter And Get Organized

Yep, that’s right — Clear out the clutter and get organized! During the winter months, we don’t leave the house much, and it’s easy to start accumulating things. Take one or two weekends to give your house a good spring-cleaning from top to bottom by tossing any old kitchen appliances that don’t work, boxes, papers, or anything that you’re not using which makes your space feel cluttered and junky.

If your house is still decorated for the holidays, now is the perfect time to remove those outdoor lights and put away the holiday décor! Stop by your local hardware store and pick up a few bins to help you contain the clutter and get your home looking spring-ready!

Organize Your Bookshelves

If you’re an avid reader, we’re sure you’ve amassed quite a collection of books. But having a large book collection can create its own problems like running out of places store them all.

We know it can be hard to get rid of a good book, but why not share the tale with others? Take a couple of weekends to pare down your bookshelf by donating some books to your local library or thrift store.

Once you’ve cleared off a few items off your shelf, you’ll be able to sort your books by size and subject. Line a few vertically and others horizontally to add visual interest.

Organize Your Pantry And Kitchen Cabinets

Do you dread going into your kitchen cabinets for fear that if you open those doors your pots and pans may come crashing down on you? Or maybe you’ve got small items like spices, foil, or cooking oil that just don’t quite have a home in your pantry.
Organize Your Pantry And Kitchen Cabinets
Whatever your storage issue, there’s no need to fret. At TheRTAStore we have some awesome kitchen cabinet and pantry storage solutions for you. Our Universal Wood Pull-Out Pot Rack will take your old pots and pans storage dilemma from an unorganized danger zone to a neatly organized safety zone.

Our Wood Spice Tray  fits any drawer size up to 24 inches and is a great way to store all of those small spice bottles. Stop by and visit us online to see more fantastic kitchen cabinet storage solutions.

Repurpose Something Old By Giving It A New Look

We all have lots of items that are just kicking around the house — items that at one point in time had a purpose. But as time moves on and styles change, those items may have found a way out of the house, and into a garage or basement, never to be seen again.
Repurpose Something Old By Giving It A New Look
Why rush out and spend money on the latest trendy item when you might have a treasure trove of great items already in your home that you can simply repurpose. If you have an old wall hung mirror, why not give it a new life by either repainting the frame, or reframing it all together? Not only will you be saving a few bucks by doing this, you’ll also be saving the environment as well.

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