The Coolest Smart Kitchen Technology For 2018

The start of a New Year is always a thrilling time, but while most people are excited to kick off their New Year goals, our enthusiasm is fueled by something else entirely. The month of January introduces us to all of the new kitchen innovations, through a lineup of industry shows overflowing with cool smart kitchen technology. Here we’re going to share some of the most interesting and intriguing new features that you can look forward to incorporating into your kitchen remodel.

Guided Cooking

Blonde woman using a tablet computer to cook

Built-in touch screens made our small appliances more powerful than we ever could have imagined, and now that same technology is expanding to large appliances like refrigerators, ranges and ovens.

Thanks to the integration of apps, you can expect to find large appliances that offer a long list of features that make every step of cooking, from grocery shopping to the actual food preparation, easier.

What are some of the most eye-opening additions? Refrigerators that can take an inventory of what’s inside and order the items you’re out of. Ovens that know what type of recipes you’ll like and will read the instruction out loud to you. Just to name a few.

Expert Advice, Right When You Want It

Not sure how you should cook that salmon? Should you sauté those onions and potatoes for the same amount of time, or add the onions later? Just ask your kitchen.

You’ll feel like you have a professional chef right by your side with new digital kitchen assistants that deliver all of the answers. Imagine, you’re knee deep in dinner. Rather than washing your hands and running to the other room to grab your phone, you can just call out to your invisible sous chef for the answer.

Item-Specific Instructions

Many recipes require you to change the temperature of the oven after ten minutes or switch from bake to broil right at the end. Now, you’ll be able to tell your oven what you’re cooking, and your preferences (do you like those cookies chewy or crunchy?), and it will do all of the work for you.

Some appliances will even let you scan the barcode of a specific item so that the cooking instructions will be sent to your smart oven. The oven will then ask you a question to clarify any confusion on the recommended time range, so that your dish comes out just as you like it.

Many frozen items will instruct you to bake for 8-12 minutes. We all know that two minutes can often be the difference between crispy and burnt. By understanding exactly what you’re cooking and your preferences, your oven will program the time and temperature to avoid that scenario.

That Kitchen Remodel Is Smarter Than You Think

1-30-18 RTA3-White Sorrento Sable Glazed

2018 is going to be a big year for kitchen technology. These incredible advancements we’re seeing make pre-heating your oven from a smart phone seem boring.

Now with the addition of touch-screens and app integrations, smart appliances are going full steam ahead. The possibilities are endless, and we love that technology is eliminating the stress, confusion, and uncertainty from the kitchen. Anyone can be a good cook with this kind of support, and we can’t wait to cross grocery shopping off our to-do list — because, well, our refrigerator is going to take care of that for us.

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