Toy Storage They Won’t Outgrow

Organizing your children’s toys isn’t quite how Mary Poppins did it in the movie. However, keeping those cherished toys from taking over your house can be just as easy as snapping your fingers.

Classic wooden toy chests can be bulky, bookcases can crowd a room by taking up too much space and those everyday plastic bins have little character. Let’s take a look at some fun and creative ways to keep your home clutter-free while teaching your children the importance of organization.

#1: Floating Wall Shelves as Bookshelves

Do you have a wall where nothing seems to fit? One that’s too narrow, too close to furniture, or just awkward? Take this space and turn it into a wall library for your child’s books. These are especially great when installed next to your child’s bed, allowing easy access to their bedtime stories. Choose a simple shelf style for a look they won’t outgrow.

#2: Wall Crates

Old crates and wooden boxes make fantastic wall storage. With a splash of paint, they’re not only trendy and fun, they also add unique character to your child’s bedroom walls. Hang them in different layouts and use them to hold toys, books, stuffed animals and other kid stuff. As your child grows, their wall crates will be great for school books, hobby supplies, collectibles, décor and more. If their color preference changes as they get older, a fresh coat of paint will do the trick to make this storage option last.

#3: Hanging Storage Swing

This idea is perfect for your child’s favorite stuffed animal friends. It’s stylish and unique, and you can have several levels in one swing, keeping clutter off the bedroom or playroom floor. Your child’s furry friends will be on display, hanging out in their swing so they can be part of the action! For older kids, swings can provide convenient storage for sports gear and balls, shoes and more.

#4: Under the Bed Chalkboard Bins

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project? Give your plastic storage bins some personality with a little primer and a few coats of chalkboard paint. Enlist your child to help create their new storage bins – give them the chalk and they can start labeling. Older kids will enjoy personalizing their bins and expressing their creativity.

#5: Portable Playtime

Open-top wooden crates and metal bins are perfect for children of all ages – because you can get them in multiple sizes. You may even have some hanging around that you can repurpose. Adding wheels to larger crates makes it easier for kids to play in any room of the house. Crates and bins can also make personalized, stylish décor for kids as they grow.

#6: Laundry Room Storage Hacks

Forget the laundry room artwork and make use of that available wall space.  Hanging wire storage racks, DIY wall cabinetry, and oversized bins make great spots for toy storage, book storage and especially those loose game pieces that always seem to be missing their owner.

At the end of the day, when it comes to children and toy storage, take the time to evaluate what your kids are interested in and where they really gravitate to during playtime. Knowing this is half the battle in deciding the kind of storage is best suited for your home.