How To Prep Your Kitchen For Summer In 7 Simple Steps

When the seasons change it’s not just your wardrobe that needs a makeover. To prepare for the festivities and fun that come with warm weather, your kitchen could benefit from a few updates as well. The time to prep your kitchen for summer is now! Start with these seven simple steps.

#1 Clean Out Your Kitchen Cabinets And Pantry

Spring cleaning was months ago, and we’re sure you’ve accumulated some unwanted items since then. Do a run through of your cabinets and pantry, checking expiration dates and setting aside nonperishable items (like canned soups and winter vegetables) that you don’t foresee using. Donate what you can to your local food bank and toss the rest.

#2 Shop For Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

Shop For Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables
Take advantage of the sweet fruit and fresh vegetables available in the summer and add them to your shopping list. Fresh, seasonal produce packs more nutrients than their frozen or canned counterparts — and tastes better too. Store in a large bowl on your kitchen countertop as a reminder to grab the good stuff, and to add a splash of colorful décor!

#3 Stock Up On Healthy Snacks

Shedding those extra coats from your closet is a lot simpler than those winter pounds. Make achieving that summer beach body easier by stocking your kitchen full of healthy options. Swap warm weather comforts like cookies and hot chocolate for cooler and healthier options. Think Greek yogurt parfaits and iced green tea. With your cabinets and refrigerator filled with good-for-you foods, your mind will be less likely to wander towards those guilty pleasures when hunger strikes.

#4 Switch Out Plates For A Lighter, Brighter Set

Switch Out Plates For A Lighter, Brighter Set
Having two sets of dishes, one for winter and one for summer, is a great way to transition your kitchen and dining room with the seasons. These next few months are all about fun in the sun and enjoying nature at its peak, so use the colorful outdoors as your inspiration. Don’t be afraid to go with an interesting print or bright color scheme. Tropical patterns and colors are the perfect way to set the mood for a sweet summer.

#5 Grow An Herb Garden

Starting an herb garden is a piece of cake — even for those without a green thumb. Set up small pots to sprout seasonings that are great with summer dishes. Basil and mint are two excellent choices since both are staples in many recipes. The fragrance and appearance of potted herbs in your kitchen will also help signal summer is here!

#6 Gear Up To Grill Out

Gear Up To Grill Out
Firing up the grill and dining outdoors is a delicious summer tradition. Make sure you don’t miss out by prepping for your cookouts in advance. Do an inventory of your utensils and tools so you can replace anything that didn’t survive last summer. If you want to up your grill game, buy a few new sauces and a set of stainless steel skewers. Kebabs are an easy and delicious alternative to cooking meat and veggies, and there are tons of recipes out there to experiment with this summer. 

#7 Take Summer Appliances Out Of Hiding

So maybe you haven’t used your ice cream maker or blender in a long time. Maybe you’re not even sure where they are. Putting these appliances where you’ll see them will encourage whipping up a batch of sweet peach ice cream or serving frozen margaritas at your next party.
What are your favorite ways prepare your home for summer? Leave a comment and let us know!
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