Our Top 10 Favorite Faucets

When homeowners purchase kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities, they will almost always need to buy faucets separately. There are many different types of faucets on the market, some made specifically for kitchen sinks and others to suit bathroom vanities, but more than that, there are a variety of different styles and features to choose from. To help with your home design, we have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite faucets, whether looking to add to kitchen sinks or bathroom vanities.

Faucet #1: Pull Down Or Pull Out Faucets

Pull Down Or Pull Out Faucets features a removable sprayer. Having a pull down or pull out faucet is convenient for those who do a lot of cooking because you are able to get a better flow of water than with your typical faucet. Sprayers usually have two speed functions and make cleaning an easy task.

Faucet #2: Single-Handle Faucets

Single-Handle Faucets allow you to control water speed and temperature all with one handle. With this style of faucet you can easily switch from cold to hot, and you do not need to adjust or turn off one handle to reach your desired temperature. For this low-maintenance capability, some prefer single-handle to two-handle faucets.

Faucet #3: Wall-Mounted Faucets

Wall Mounted Faucets are a great selection for modern kitchens looking for a unique look, or to enhance the vintage feel of a cottage style kitchen. Kitchen sinks can often feel restricting, especially for those that use large pots or are regularly changing out flower vases. With wall mounted faucets you can manipulate taller items more easily.

Faucet #4: Two-Handle Faucets

Two-Handle Faucets give more control on water temperature and flow rate. Because of these benefits, two-handle faucets are typically used in bathroom vanities, and many people prefer a two-handle to a single-handle faucet in their kitchen as well.

Faucet #5: Gooseneck Spout Faucets

Gooseneck Spout Faucets have a high arc and provide the luxury of extra space in kitchen sinks. Most gooseneck spouts also have a swivel feature, which allows for the faucet to be moved from side-to-side to accommodate the different purposes kitchen sinks serve.
Our top 10 favorite faucets

Faucet #6: Touchless Faucets

Touch less Faucets utilizes new innovation to provide hands-free capabilities. No-touch faucets are a convenient asset to kitchen sinks and are appreciated by homeowners for the increased speed in which they can complete tasks, and the lowered risk of spreading bacteria.

Faucet #7: Spot -Resistant Faucets

Spot Resistant Faucets use modern technology so that fingerprints and water spots don’t compromise the shine and look of your faucet. Spot resistant faucets are also simple to clean and can be easily wiped down without the need of harsh cleaners.

Faucet #8: Water-Saving Faucets

Water-Saving Faucets are an eco-friendly option for those looking to cut back on their home water use. Using a water-saving faucet in kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities can decrease the water you use by a significant amount, saving money on your water bill and helping you go green.

Faucet #9: Widespread Or Centern Set Faucets

Widespread Or Center Set Faucets are designs of two-handle faucets. Widespread is spaced out (leaving room between each handle and the faucet) and Center Cut is stacked together to create a sleek look. Based on the design of the room, either can add a complementary touch.

Faucet #10: Water Filtration Faucet

Water Filtration Faucets are a water drinkers dream. These faucets purify your sink water without the use of added systems and save you the hassle of buying and storing water.