Retro Kitchen Design

Retro Kitchens that are Totally Modern

When properly planned and designed, modern kitchens can be transformed into a retro-style space that’s welcoming, unique and a bit playful. From cozy cabinets and bright colors to vintage décor and accessories, a retro kitchen invites family members and guests to enjoy good food and great company.

If you love the look of old-school kitchens and are wondering how to create a similar look in your kitchen but with a modern twist, you’ll be inspired by the ideas shared below.

#1: Retro Appliances

One of the best ways to create a kitchen that screams retro as soon as you enter it is with retro appliances. No one will mistake your kitchen style for anything but retro when you have these refrigerators, stoves and other appliances showcasing classic pivoting metal handles and popular vintage colors (more on colors below).

#2: Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Cabinets are another important part of creating a retro kitchen. When designing your modern-day retro kitchen, if you really want vintage colors to pop but aren’t into getting retro appliances, you can let the cabinets create the main vintage vibe.

Choose from one of the many popular retro colors for your kitchen cabinets. A lovely retro pastel color that’s in demand is mint green (shown in the photo above), or you could go with a bolder color, such as turquoise or cherry red, which adds an old-school diner feel.

If you want a more subtle retro look, you can use vintage colors to accent your kitchen, rather than dominate it. For example, you can go with a mint green backsplash or choose cherry red, avocado green or turquoise countertop appliances and accessories like a stand mixer, tea kettle, bakeware and hanging mugs.

The beautiful thing about retro colors is that they’re truly stunning to look at and they provide a wonderful contrast to the neutral colors that are popular today.

#3: Checkered Floors

If you’re in for a new kitchen floor and aren’t afraid to go with a more daring tile choice, a checkered floor is the way to go to really bring the entire kitchen together and complete your retro look. While you can choose from a variety of colors, the classic black and white pattern goes well with numerous kitchen styles and color schemes.

#4: Vintage Patterns

Want to add more personality and fun to your retro kitchen? Have fun shopping for kitchen curtains and dish towels with bold vintage colors and patterns (like gingham and polka dots). Go even further and get a few cute aprons, too. Whether you wear them or display them, they’ll make a fantastic addition to your retro décor.

#5: Vintage Hardware and Accessories

Finally, let’s not forget another little detail that can make a big difference in the look of your modern-yet-retro kitchen: cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs. Switch these out for ones that match a vintage style and you’ll love the transformation this one simple change makes.